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channel surfing tv picks 9 7 20


Channel Surfing: Awesome TV picks for the week of 09/07/2020

One of the hardest obstacle courses, a new comic inspired series, and a beloved anime.

Begin watching the first Channel Surfing TV picks of the week today, Labor Day, when American Ninja Warrior begins its twelfth season. In the middle of the week, the show, Woke, which is partially based on the life of cartoonist, Keith Knight, will arrive. Then, Ashe Ketchum’s adventures continue in the second part of Pokèmon Journeys: The Series.

Conquer Mount Midoriyama

In its previous 11 seasons, only three people every finished all three stages of American Ninja Warrior with only two earning the title and the cash prize. The sports entertainment competition features obstacle courses with several different challenges that test its competitors both physically and mentally.

This year, the show will be slightly altered due to the pandemic. Instead of travelling the country with regional rounds, the event will take place at a single location. In addition, rather than going through the different stages of Mount Midoriyama, the finals will involve head to head races until a winner is crowned.

Although the reality series will be different this year, viewers can expect the same excitement and favorite contestants. The qualifying round begins tonight on NBC.

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Ignorance Was Bliss

Keith Knight is an American cartoonist who has won multiple accolades including the Howard Kurtzman Award, Glyph Award, and Inkpot Award. The upcoming Woke is inspired by the artist’s life and work and is a live action series that incorporates animated sequences.

The story follows Keef Knight, played by Lamorne Morris, who is an African American cartoonist close to breaking out into the mainstream. One day while hanging posters to promote his work, he is wrongfully detained by law enforcement. The traumatic incident instills Keef with the ability to hear inanimate objects speaking to him. This forces him to struggle with the bigotry and injustice found in society without it affecting his rising career and personal relationships.

All episodes from the first season of Woke will be released on Wednesday, September 9, on Hulu.

Gotta Watch ‘Em All!

Recently, Netflix became the exclusive TV home for new Pokèmon in the United States. The first twelve episodes of the latest show, Pokèmon Journeys: The Series, were released on the streaming service last June.

Now Part Two is set to come out this week. When we last left Ash, he and his new friend and fellow trainer, Goh, were dealing with an attack from a Gigantamax Pokèmon in the Galar region. Fans won’t have to wait much longer to see how it all plays out when the latest episodes will be made available Friday, September 11, on Netflix.

channel surfing tv picks 9 7 20

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