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Is It Any Good? ‘Heartbreakers’ (2001)

An underrated comedy.

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Heartbreakers is one of my favorite films. This is one of those really well made light films that just revels in pure fun. The entertainment doesn’t let up until the credits roll. The first thing they get right here is the incredibly talented cast that are all perfect for their roles… seriously everyone fits perfectly. The other main thing this film nails is the script. The script takes care of the characters well, keeps things moving along nicely, and is also funny. This is one of the most underrated films in my humble opinion. So let’s dive further into the details.

Sigourney Weaver has forever been one of my favorites and she’s one of the best in Hollywood. Weaver plays the hell out of this role, it all seems to come so naturally. She has this wickedly fun energy throughout which reaches through the screen and makes us as the audience enjoy things even more. She also STUNS in every outfit… absolutely fabulous, and she gets to wear a lot of great fashion in this role. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Weaver’s daughter and this may be the best performance I’ve seen from her. Hewitt plays this character very well and does a good job entertaining us and also making us care about her character as Heartbreakers goes on.

Ray Liotta plays a GREAT supporting character and knocks it out of the park… per usual. Liotta’s performance is so great, he plays his wild character with such zest and has a lot of fun with it. Him and Weaver play very well together too. Jason Lee is very good as well; you can’t help but fall in love with his character. He’s just so sweet. Him and Hewitt also have great romantic chemistry. Like I said, this cast is so talented and they all bring their absolute best. 

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The script is so damn well written too. The writers were able to weave so much nonstop fun from beginning to end and keep things moving without any lulls. There is definite care for these characters too, the script makes getting to know them a priority and that makes Heartbreakers so much better. The relationship between Weaver and Hewitt is paid attention to and we see it grow over the films duration, it’s not done in a schmaltzy way though, it fits well within the comedic parameters. There’s also some very fun twists that I did not see coming that makes things extra fun. I didn’t expect a film like this to have any twists at all but I was very happy to be surprised.

I don’t think Heartbreakers gets nearly enough credit for the way it’s able to deliver on so many things at once. We get heavy doses of comedy, wicked fun, and romance, and none of it comes across as cheap or like anyone’s “phoning it in”. Another thing I appreciated about this film was it’s willingness to push the envelope a bit on sex, and let me explain. 

Sex is one of the crucial plot points here and they handle it in a comedic way. I liked the way they went a tad farther with the sexual comedy than other PG-13 films do. It made things that much funnier and I thought it fit the tone of the overall film well. It’s nothing too overtly graphic but let’s just say that Weaver and Liotta get to have some fun with it. There really aren’t many negatives here but if I had to choose one I’d say that Sarah Silverman is underused and I could have used just a little bit more of her since she’s always great. I fully recommend this extremely fun film and I hope you’ll check it out! It’s now on Netflix.

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Heartbreakers is just pure fun, but… it’s well written, well acted fun, which is why it’s as good as it is. Sit back, relax, and give this one a try! 

Is It Any Good? ‘Heartbreakers’ (2001)
Heartbreakers (2001)
Heartbreakers is a success due to it's immensely talented cast, well written characters, fun script, and some great surprise turns.
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Sigourney Weaver
Ray Liotta
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jason Lee
Well written fun script
Underuse of Sarah Silverman
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