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NYCC Metaverse ’20: ‘Invincible’ first look and details

Robert Kirkman dishes on the upcoming animated series.

Invincible is the next comic to receive a television adaptation from the famed creator of The Walking Dead. During the NYCC Metaverse virtual event, Robert Kirkman shared some details of the upcoming animated series.

The panel began with a trailer for Invincible and fans could recognize some familiar faces such as Monster Girl. Kirkman shared that the show would closely follow the story of the comic and keep the same flavor and big events. However, it would change some characters and expand other roles to mix things up.

As seen in the trailer, Invincible would not be holding back on the violence. In fact, it might even be more intense and gruesome but also more moving. The sounds and movement of animation compared to comics provide an all new dimension and further enhance the level or realism.

The story follows the mundane and domestic lives of a regular family juxtaposed to what it’s like to be a superhero living in a world populated by superheroes. Mark Grayson, the titular character, has been living in the shadow of his father, Omni-Man, and he finally receives his chance to walk his own path but soon realizes there’s a darkness to being a hero and that he’s in over his head.

The other collaborators of the comic are involved as well with Ryan Ottley serving as a consultant and Cory Walker serving as the lead character designer. Many of the main players look similar to their on-page counterparts but Walker made some significant changes to others. Kirkman shared that the Guardians of the Globe have an improved aesthetic and in general, all the looks are more streamlined and modern while retaining the same flavor.

The series also boasts a talented cast including Steven Yeun, J.K Simmons, Sandra Oh, Walt Goggins, Andrew Rannells, Gillian Jacobs, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, and Seth Rogen. Rogen is playing Allen the Alien who is involved in key scenes during the season that sets up what happens later on. Kirkman thought the actor was perfectly cast since the role requires seriousness and a dramatic core but a fun, goofy tone as well. Another character making an appearance in the show is Battle Beast who will be voiced by Michael Dorn.

Invincible will be released in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.


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