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‘Room 104’ series finale review: ‘Generations’

Room 104 comes to a fitting conclusion.

HBO’s Room 104 has always been about the variety of life that dwells within its four walls. At times the motel room is simply a bystander to the uncanny occurrences that take place. Other times, it’s a character, inserting itself and altering the lives of the inhabitants. In the series finale, “Generations”, Room 104 becomes a host to an unusual ritual that captures the essence of the ever changing nature of the show. Written by Julian Wass and directed by Sydney Fleischmann, “Generations” explores the life cycle and the concept of home. 

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine stars as Keir, a man who is getting ready for a great milestone. It is revealed that his whole life has been spent in the motel room. However, in this futuristic setting, the motel room provides anything he needs. Keir reflects on his life and the people he has loved and lost as he prepares for the celebration, a ritual that involves a dinner and a flower. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Keir has mixed feelings about his life. 

'Room 104' series finale review: 'Generations'

Mwine gives a powerful performance that radiates pain and regret. The setting of the room is slightly altered to cater to a more futuristic aesthetic. It seems sterile and larger, making the environment contribute to Keir’s isolation. Mwine’s portrayal of Keir magnifies his anger and sadness making his feelings the largest thing in the room. 

Room 104’s “Generations” is a fitting end to the series. Room 104 is a show about comings and going, beginnings and endings. “Generations” acknowledges the show’s journey and encapsulates an ambitious endeavor in a half hour. 

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