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Nailbiter Returns #6
Image Comics

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Nailbiter Returns #6 Review

We may be answering questions with even more questions, but at least it’s interesting and we’re finally getting somewhere.

Last month’s issue of Nailbiter Returns was a triumphant return to form for my favorite horror comic series. It also concluded with a return trip to the smoldering husk of what used to be the town of Buckaroo.

Snappy, Spoiler-Lite Recap

  • Looks like the Buckaroo Brawl had fairly humble beginnings.
  • Teenage Sharon Crane does not mess around when she wants to get a room’s attention…
  • …or when she wants to get the attention of her future serial killer boyfriend.
Nailbiter Returns #6 (Image Comics)

Nailbiter Returns #6 (Image Comics)

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  • Not sure why I feel angry about high school Warren looking at another girl instead of Sharon, but I do.
  • Leave it to Alice to compliment her mom on how badass she looks with an eyepatch while also delivering a burn.
  • Good lord…they took Fake Warren with them??
  • …and he still alive??
  • Yikes. Buckaroo looks even rougher than I was expecting.
  • I can see Agent Grey agreeing to guard Fake Warren, but no way Alice does.
  • Never a good sign when you’re being watched by a robotic owl.
  • Sorry Grey, but if a whole clip didn’t put Fake Warren down, one bullet definitely won’t.
  • Where is my daughter?” (Told ya)
  • Never a good sign when it starts raining actual blood…
  • …or when he shows back up from the dead.

The Verdict

We may be answering questions with even more questions, but at least it’s interesting and we’re finally getting somewhere.

At this point, we can be 100% sure that whatever’s going on is either supernatural or involves some very advanced science. Maybe both. Either way, it should be a lot of fun seeing how the narrative takes shape. Let’s just hope we don’t fall back into the endless cycle of stacking plot threads that Nailbiter Returns stumbled out of the gate with.

The best part about Nailbiter Returns #6 (besides Mike Henderson’s always superb artwork) is writer Joshua Williamson’s character work. I’ve knocked him before for Edward Warren’s characterization, but he’s finally starting to be interesting again. I also love the dynamic between the core cast — even Agent Grey, who’s somehow gone from a complete douchenozzle to a surprisingly good lens/mouthpiece for the reader.

I won’t spoil the last page reveal, but let’s just say that I’m all types of excited to see the character who showed up return. I love the way Henderson draws him so much that I have a print hanging in my office (which is really hard to explain to people, but totally worth it).

I also can’t wait to see how is new form and return from the dead are explained — along with that pesky blood falling from the sky.

Nailbiter Returns #6
Nailbiter Returns #6 Review
Nailbiter Returns #6
Nailbiter Returns #6 falls back into the series' recent cycle of stacking plot threads/questions, but at least it's interesting and we're finally getting somewhere.
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As expected, Mike Henderson's artwork is superb. We also get to see him draw a character who is not only one of his best designs, but was also supposed to be gone for good.
Joshua Williamson has done some really great character work in the last few issues, particularly with Edward Warren and Agent Grey.
I love a good mystery as much as anyone, but we feel dangerously close to falling right back down the endless questions/mystery drain that plagued the series' first few issues.

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