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EA announces new content coming to Star Wars: Squadrons
Credit: EA


EA announces new content coming to Star Wars: Squadrons

Two new updates coming in November and December are poised to deliver new ships, components, and custom matches.

Just a few weeks after shooting down the possibility of additional content, Electronic Arts announced two new content drops coming to Star Wars: Squadrons featuring the B-Wing and Tie Defender ships alongside a new map, components, and custom matches.

The first update, Update 3.0, will drop Nov. 25 and add the new Fostar Haven map alongside four new ship components. Pilots who completed the game’s campaign will recognize Fostar Haven from the prologue mission where they’re first introduced to the game’s key characters. The map will challenge players to navigate the crowded dockyards with an opportunity to escape to open space for more maneuverability; much like the Nadiri Dockyards.

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Pilots will also be able to unlock four new ship components with Update 3.0. Fighters and bombers can now equip the Boost Extension Kit, which immediately grants the pilot maximum boost. Both ships can also add the new Prototype Piercing Torpedoes to their arsenal, which can pierce flagships’ shields before they’re taken down (which currently cannot be done with available torpedoes).

Star Wars Squadrons
Credit: EA

Fighters, along with interceptors, will have access to Ion Rockets with the new update, allowing each to deal more capital ship damage than previous armaments allowed. Support class ships aren’t being left out of the update either — both the U-Wing and Tie Reaper will be able to equip the new Anti-Material Rocket Turret, which will automatically target capital ship subsystems.

December will see the release of the second batch of new content, Update 4.0. This will likely have fans salivating as it brings two of the most requested features: new ships and the ability to make custom matches. If you’re a Squadrons player and a Star Wars: Rebels fan you’re going to be particularly excited, as the two new ships are ripped straight from the animated series: the New Republic B-Wing and the Imperial Tie Defender.

EA announces new content coming to Star Wars: Squadrons
Credit: EA

The B-Wing will be classified as a bomber, but EA promises it will feel unique from the Y-Wing and make special use of the ship’s iconic design, specifically the gyro-cockpit and swiveling wings. The Empire’s Tie Defender will be classified as a fighter and will differentiate itself from the Tie Fighter through its ability to use shields.

Finally, custom matches are coming to Star Wars: Squadrons. Anyone who has spent time in the game’s subreddit can attest to how often this feature has been requested, so it will be exciting to see how the community responds to the ability to host tournaments, practice against specific players, and host private games with specific modifiers in place. This new feature will open Squadrons up to a slew of new gameplay options and makes esports a real possibility for the game.

Update 3.0 drops on Nov. 25th, while Update 4.0 will drop sometime in December. Star Wars: Squadrons is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with optimizations planned for next-gen consoles.

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