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Photo: Phil Caruso/HBO Max


‘The Flight Attendant’ episodes 4-5 review: The conspiracy unfolds

Cassie discovers some of Alex’s dark secrets.

The Flight Attendant So Far

Cassie has a fun and memorable evening in Bangkok with a handsome stranger named Alex. It all heads south the next morning when she awakens with her date dead beside her in bed. Unfortunately, she was black out drunk and can’t remember the events of the previous night. She becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the prominent businessman and she decides to look into the death in order to clear her name. During the course of her bumbling yet effective investigation, she uncovers some of Alex’s secrets while being stalked by possibly the real murderer.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead!]

On the LIRR heading back into the city following Alex’s memorial, Cassie comes face to face with Miranda and barely escapes when she luckily bumps into police officers on her train. Once back in Annie’s apartment, she and Max piece together the shredded documents she found with the first of several new leads. The duo make quite the team and they continue the investigation taking them to different parts of the city including Alex’s apartment and a shady warehouse. Cassie manages all this while entertaining her estranged brother, Davey, and his family while they visit.

Elsewhere, Miranda is hot on their trail cleaning up the Bangkok mess despite receiving orders to back off and becomes frustrated by her inability to catch Cassie. Meanwhile, Megan feels neglected and hurt by Cassie being distant (she’s clueless about all the drama). At least she has the excitement of corporate espionage stealing secrets from husband’s computer and fills that hole of companionship by opening up to her employer. Also, Annie must pay back the favor she called in to previously save Cassie jeopardizing her morally and professionally.

'The Flight Attendant' episodes 4-5 review: The conspiracy unfolds
Photo: Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Initially, Cassie’s psychological visits with the deceased provided levity and a crime solving partner to bounce ideas off of. This wave of The Flight Attendant episodes takes a more romantic turn with her escaping into her head for comfort and emotional intimacy with Alex. However, the conspiracy behind the murder expands and she uncovers many of Alex’s dark secrets signifying a rocky portion in their relationship. It does speak to her psychological state as she forms this imaginary romance with a man she only met once.

Cassie receives a physical partner in Annie’s boyfriend, Max. The pair work well together and have some nice montages including piecing together the shredded documents and searching through Alex’s apartment for clues. However, bad luck comes to most people in Cassie’s orbit and we’re left with a cliffhanger regarding his fate. It’s made even more heartbreaking by Annie’s call in the end after her trying day. Fingers cross he pulls through.

'The Flight Attendant' episodes 4-5 review: The conspiracy unfolds
Photo: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

One aspect of these episodes that doesn’t fit as well is the visit from Davey and his family. It does provide some added stress and urgency for Cassie to return to her case and we receive some insight on their strained relationship but it doesn’t add as much as the flashbacks we see. There might be bigger payoff in the end after Cassie clears her name, turns over a new leaf, and reconciles with them for the storybook ending. In addition, the recurring appearances of Buckley, a one-night stand, have yet to lead anywhere.

Episodes four and five of The Flight Attendant expands on the greater conspiracy behind Alex Sokolov’s murder and dives deeper into Cassie’s character and motivations. The stakes are ratcheted up as the investigation takes a more serious and grave turn that leaves viewers in suspense to see Max’s fate.  

Episodes of The Flight Attendant drop Thursdays, on HBO Max.

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