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Top Gen 8 Pokémon Ash should catch in Pokémon Journeys
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Top Gen 8 Pokémon Ash should catch in Pokémon Journeys

We picked the top 8 Pokemon that will help Ash become a true master.

Top Gen 8 Pokémon Ash should catch in Pokémon Journeys

Ash Ketchum’s team is still coming together nicely in the Pokémon Journeys anime. Currently, his lineup consists of Pikachu, Lucario, Dragonite, Gengar, Galarian Farfetch’d, and now Dracovish. A rather eclectic team to say the least. There’s still plenty of time for Ash to gain new members on his team. And with Journeys being the Gen 8 anime, it’s time to add some more Galar Pokémon. Here are the top 8 Gen 8 Pokémon Ash should catch: 

8. Galarian Ponyta

Pokemon Journeys

Ash currently has one Galarian form on his team, so why not another? To be honest, I love the idea of Ash having more Gen 1 Pokémon that he didn’t get to have in the original series. Everything old is new again, so it’s a great idea to give Ash older Pokémon that have new and better forms. Ponyta and Rapidash always felt like Pokemon Ash could have. Ash even rode a Ponyta in episode 33 of the Indigo Series. Since Ash is no longer using Mr. Mime, he’s missing some much-needed Fairy Type coverage. Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash will be appearing in the anime in 2021, so giving one to Ash is a strong possibility

7. Grimmsnarl

Pokemon Journeys

This mix between Green Goblin and Venom would fit smoothly into Ash’s current lineup. A Dark/Fairy type that is one of Galar’s coolest looking Pokémon. Grimmsnarl is a unique Gen 8 Pokemon who would perform well with Ash’s unorthodox battle style. Ash specializes in attack heavy strategies with out of the box thinking. Grimmsnarl is all attack and quick thinking with a quirky and loveable design. Imagine all the creative and bizarre battle moments Grimmsnarl could bring to the table. Its stretchy arms could provide Ash some much needed long-range coverage and continue the trend of giving him actually popular Pokemon for a change. If nothing else, Ash could definitely use another Pokemon who has the ability to Gigantamax.

6. Galarian Slowpoke

Pokemon Journeys
Ash should’ve had a Slowpoke in the Indigo Series. Fight me

In the Pokemon Movie 2000, a Slowking guided Ash’s quest with Lugia to save the world. In 2020, Slowpoke made a triumphant return with a new lovable design. Like I said earlier, Ash catching old favorites from Kanto that he didn’t have earlier while also having new forms is a genius idea. Slowpoke would give Ash some needed Psychic type coverage against his rival Bea. It would give more fans a reason to invest in the anime as they would wonder if Ash were to evolve it into a Galarian Slowbro or a Galarian Slowking. The latter of course would be decent fanservice for the 2000 movie mentioned earlier.

5. Galarian Meowth

Pokemon Journeys

The Pokemon series loves counterparts. Both the video games and anime love to have trainers and pokemon that are specific rivals to one another. Galarian Meowth and its weird beard would be a great regular counterpart to Team Rocket’s Meowth. Meowth is easily the second most well known Pokemon of the entire anime. So it would be an incredible change of pace for Ash to have his own Meowth. In all honesty, the best thing about Sword and Shield are the Galarian Forms. The more Galrian forms in the anime, the better.

4. Centiskorch

Pokemon Journeys

Besides Pikachu, Ash is synonymous with Fire type Pokémon. Currently Ash is without a Fire type for the first time in years. With Goh having both Sobble and Cinderace and possibly Grookey soon. Centiskorch is the best option for a fire type for The Pride of Pallet Town. Ash should always have a fire type (his name is Ash for crying out loud). Centiskorch is a bug/fire Pokemon with a creepy but interesting design. It’s amazing that Ash hasn’t had a bug type since Leavanny in Best Wishes. He’s overdue for a new one. If Ash is gonna take on more of Galar’s Gym Leaders. Then having fire type coverage is a must.

3. Sandaconda

Pokemon Journeys

This is the Galar Pokemon that feels the most like an Ash Pokemon. Sandaconda is a ground type Snake Pokemon that hides wrapped in its tail. Ash has never had a Snake Pokemon before because they’ve all been given to Jessie. Sandaconda would be a unique catch for Ash and give him a ground type since Krookodile. Sandaconda is quirky and full of personality. All the Pokemon on Ash’s current team stand on two legs. There are more creatures in the Pokemon world than just humanoids. Right now, Ash doesn’t have a counter against electric Pokemon. Ash with a Sandaconda can give his team some diversity and help take down annoying electric type opponents.

2. Wooloo

Pokemon Journeys

Since Hop is not going to appear in the anime anytime soon. It would be best for Ash to catch a Wooloo. Wooloo was an internet meme immediately upon its announcement for Sword and Shield. This cute and fluffy sheep Pokemon has one over the fans’ hearts. It’s cute, it can be comedic, and it would feel at home with Ash. Even people who don’t like Sword and Shield like Wooloo. Goh already has enough Gen 8 representation. Especially if he is the one to end up with Grookey. Wooloo is full of energy, not that bright at times, and wants to live the best life possible. Sounds like Ash to me.

1. Galarian Darmanitan

Pokemon Journeys

Unova was not Ash’s strongest outing. People, more often than not, want to forget Ash’s infamous tenure in Best Wishes. With that said, Gen V needs some serious redemption in the anime. Galarian Darmanitan is the best non-legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield by a mile. Ash catching a Galarian Darmanitan would be a perfect way to add to an already stellar lineup. Ash hasn’t had an ice type since Glalie in the Advanced series. With Goh having caught the regular Darmanitan. Lettingg Ash use the Galarian Regional Counterpart would play well into their bond and mirror off one another. Galarian Darmanitan’s excellent Zen Mode ability where it transforms into an ice/fire type snowman is perfect. Gen 8 Darmanitan is full of personality and battle potential. Perfect for the anime and the top choice for our boy Ash.

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