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"WandaVision" episode 3 review: 'Now in Color'


“WandaVision” episode 3 review: ‘Now in Color’

WandaVision’s third episode is likely to help convince skeptical fans to tune in to future episodes as things finally start to get interesting.

Episode 3 of WandaVision sees our favorite MCU sitcom jump ahead another decade into the 1970s. Much like the previous two episodes in the series, this episode continues to play homage to popular sitcoms of yesteryear. Straight out of The Brady Bunch’s wheelhouse with arguably the catchiest theme song of the series so far, episode three of WandaVision has begun to show signs of what we as MCU fans have come to expect in terms of a viewing experience.

wandavision 3.2

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For casual fans, we are finally starting to see the extent of Wanda’s powers here and her sometimes inability to control them. We quite literally start to observe the perfect image that Wanda and Vision have tried so hard to paint come crashing down in a matter of (storyline) hours. We see inches of rainfall inside the WandaVision household, earthquakes, fire, twisting pictures, vacuums malfunctioning, and even a physical stork manifesting as the imminent arrival of Wanda’s child rapidly approaches.

However, when Wanda finally delivers not one, but (shockingly) two baby boys, reality is quickly restored. Ok, the delivery of twins is only shocking to those who are not Marvel fans. …and this is when things get really interesting. For, I believe the first time since Age of Ultron, we get an on-screen acknowledgement of Wanda’s twin brother Pietro. However, it’s the delivery that stands out here.

wandavision 3.3

Geraldine, who up until this point just seemed to be a random supporting cast member, just randomly mentions Ultron and the fact that it was Ultron who killed Wanda’s twin brother. It’s then that Wanda notices the necklace around Geraldine’s neck that has a pendant with the SWORD logo, which many may have spotted last week. If you are not one for sitcoms, skip ahead to the 17:30 minute mark. You will not be disappointed.

In my opinion, everything about this series works. It has excellent writing that just works. The humor and one-liners work. The undeniable chemistry between Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen works. The setting and weird sitcom references work. Marvel is taking a chance with the way that WandaVision is being presented and it all just works.

I stated last week that I was getting some serious “House of M” vibes from this show and I have to say that I am even more convinced that this where it seems the show is (obviously?) heading. With the introduction of Wanda and Vision’s twin boys and the mentioning of Pietro, it seems that we are literally inside a warped reality that Wanda has constructed to help her deal with Vision’s death.

WandaVision continues to arguably be the most unique thing that the MCU has put forth to date. While the allusion filled episodes have brought genuine laughs and an overall good time, it is almost a relief to see signs of where this series will be going.  The final few minutes of this episode finally gave something for us to chew on until next week. This episode shifted focus from comedy homage and visual design to actual script work and plot development. If you or a friend were on the fence on whether or not to give this series a shot, I believe this episode will give you what you’re looking for.

wandanvision 3.4

With way more questions than answers at this point, I expect next week’s episode will be a pivotal one as we rapidly approach the series’ half-way point.

If you would like to catch WandaVision, you can watch the first three episodes on Disney+ with new episodes airing every Friday.

"WandaVision" episode 3 review: 'Now in Color'
WandaVision E 3: 'Now in Color'
This episode shifted focus from comedy homage and visual design to actual script work and plot development.
Cliffhanger ending that will bring viewers back again next week.
70s Sitcom culture.
Paul Bettany & Elizabeth Olsen.
Beginning shift from sitcom tropes to storyline compelling enough to be in MCU.
'Ultron', 'Pietro'
Opening theme song.
Sitcom tropes may be a negative to some viewers.
Little to no 'action'.

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