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'WandaVision' episode 7 recap: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'


‘WandaVision’ episode 7 recap: ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’

WandaVision episode seven delivers arguably the biggest MCU reveal of the season to date.

With only a couple episodes left of WandaVision, there had to be some sort of reveal to keep fans interested in sticking around till the end. And boy, does this episode deliver, as we finally discover who has been pulling the puppet strings all along, even though some fans might have guessed it all along.

Continuing with the format from the previous episodes of the series, episode seven once again balances the sitcom tropes that we have grown to enjoy with the MCU delivery that we have come accustomed to expecting. This episode channels sitcoms like The Office and Modern Family with Elizabeth Olsen absolutely killing it with a deadpan performance in a great cold opening sequence. Even though I have discovered that I personally prefer the older style of sitcom, even I appreciated the effort Olson gave with the style of sitcoms that this episode is based off of.

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I seriously think that the cast of this show deserves more credit than they are getting. Like I have said in reviews of previous episodes, Elizabeth Olsen is nearly perfect in the role of Wanda. She can effortlessly bounce between hilarious one-liner quips to emotional wreck in the blink of an eye, which is shown off to an even greater extent with the amount of direct-to-camera work that she did in this week’s episode.

Teyonnah Parris as Monica Rambeau has also rocked. Let’s be honest, Monica is definitely the hero of the series and Parris acts it out perfectly. Episode after episode she delivers a performance that is full of nuance, heart and complexity. Rambeau has always been on Wanda’s side, even after being trapped in the Hex under Wanda’s control.

And now that Monica has her own super powers (yes, she finally got them!), she may finally be able to support Wanda in the way that Wanda has needed all along. Not only is she able to be an emotional support to Wanda, but apparently her powers will let her hold her own physically against her as well. Monica Rambeau looks like she is packing some superpowered heat!

'WandaVision' episode 7 recap: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'

In the middle episodes of the series, I thought that Dr. Darcy and Agent Woo were the comedic pairing that I needed in my life. But, after seeing Kat Dennings’ Darcy fully interact with Paul Bettany’s Vision, I have since realized I was wrong. Dennings and Bettany are great here. Darcy has won us all over with her blunt and over-the-top humor and listening to her recount the horrific events of Vision’s past is a riot.

Bettany’s straight man’s approach to Vision’s bafflement as his past is being unraveled perfectly meshes with Dr. Darcy’s dry delivery. This, by the way, is all happening inside a funnel cake truck the duo stole from the SWORD headquarters turned circus. Maybe I’m a simpleton, but I found all of this hilarious.

'WandaVision' episode 7 recap: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'

This episode also provides a little bit of extra insight into Josh Stamberg’s Director Hayward. While Hayward is still, to quote Dr. Darcy, a “dick”, we at least can finally get a behind the scenes look at his dickish motivations. Turns out, not only is Director Hayward a dick, but he is also a corrupt backstabbing bad guy who has plans to use Vision to destroy all of Westview and its unwilling inhabitants. As weird as it is, at least we as viewers get more from Hayward than him being a bad guy just to be a bad guy. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we get to see a scuffle between him and Agent Woo in the near future.

Even with all the great character work that we have seen over the past seven episodes, the MCU is known for its reveals and compelling storylines. While I was initially disappointed in the reveal of Monica’s “contact” that she was speeding towards in the conclusion of last episode, the second reveal at the end of the episode made up for it tenfold.

For those of you that have been waiting for it, we finally have confirmation that the loving neighbor Agnus is in fact Agatha Harkness.  With a musical introduction that should be Emmy worthy, we see that Agnus has been the one in charge all along. Kathryn Hahn has been one of the best things about WandaVision all season long. Her comic timing and nuanced performance has kept people laughing and talking for weeks.

'WandaVision' episode 7 recap: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'

There have been speculations since the premiere that Agnus might have been Agatha Harkness, but the writing of this show did an excellent job making us think “huh, maybe not.” The reveal of Agatha Harkness is a massive plot twist that the show needed in order to carry us through the last two episodes. In a great break of the fourth wall (like the episode title suggests), we see Agatha has been affecting everything in a wickedly funny musical interlude that introduces a new show called “It Was Agatha All Along.”

Not only was that reveal worth the wait, we also see our first mid-credit scene of the show! This is arguably the biggest episode of the series to date and I cannot wait to see how the final two episodes of WandaVision play out.

Interested in watching WandaVision? You can catch new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

'WandaVision' episode 7 recap: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'
WandaVision E 7: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'
This is arguably the biggest episode of the series to date and I cannot wait to see how the final two episodes of WandaVision play out.
Just excellent acting all the way around- Special shoutout to Olsen, Parris, and Hahn.
Vision and Dr. Darcy
Major plot twist reveal.
"It Was Agatha All Along" theme song.
Mid-credit scene.
Monica's 'contact' reveal.
No Pietro prior to the mid-credit scene.

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