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[TIFF ’21] Another round of movies to see at TIFF

More movies to get excited about.

TIFF has so many exciting movies coming that it was impossible to make just one list of what we are anticipating most. From nostalgic documentaries that will take audiences back to their childhoods to a whole lot of horror, the festival will have some of the most original and exciting movies of the year. Plan of checking out the fest and do not know what to see? Here are some we are looking forward to.



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On September 9, 1971, the largest prison uprising in United States History occurred. Staff were taken hostages and by the end, 43 people were dead. Filled with interviews and and footage the documentary highlights the brutality. Long a part of pop culture, documentarian Stanley Nelson looks deeper into the story and delivers a message that is just as important today.


[TIFF '21] Another round of movies to see at TIFF

Host from Rob Savage was one of the most surprising treats of 2020. His latest offering seems to be in a similar vein. The movie is framed within a livestream and follows an obnoxious indie rock musician who keeps angering the people around her. The first movie was able to excellently weave in some classic horror elements into the modern day world and this one sounds just as fun.

Dug Dug

[TIFF '21] Another round of movies to see at TIFF

One day, a man named Thakur dies in a horrible motorcycle accident. The bike he was riding is recovered and locked up at a nearby police station. The next morning, it is found at the site of the crash. The locks placed on the wheels of the bike are unbroken. It is taken away, but again finds its way back to the crash site. This continues to happen and word begins to spread. Has Thakur’s spirit inhabited the bike? The locals begin making offerings and a new religion seems to be forming, but what is really going on?


[TIFF '21] Another round of movies to see at TIFF

Canadian rocker Alanis Morissette shot to the top of the charts with 1995’s Jagged Little Pill. A string of hits led to screen appearances where she would even play God. The film promises interviews with celebrity fans of the singer and insight into her whirlwind success. More than just a typical rise and fall documentary about a musician, the influence of Morissette is still being felt today.

Silent Night

[TIFF '21] Another round of movies to see at TIFF

Christmas is just around the corner (well, there are a couple of days to celebrate before, but it is close enough) and everyone knows what that means. Holiday themed horror movies! A family gathers together in the English countryside to have the perfect Christmas morning. There is just one little problem: everyone is going to die. And when an impending apocalypse, the only thing you can do is celebrate.

The Toronto International Film Festival takes place virtually and in person from September 9 – September 18

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