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Chu #9
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‘Chu’ #9 review

Saffron Chu may have finally met her match in Chu #9.

Saffron Chu may have finally met her match in Chu #9. Since the first issue, Saffron Chu never thought it was good to take a job with Mr. Boss, the second most powerful gangster in the city, to rob the first, Donetti Bucatini. But against Saffron’s better judgment, she listened to her dim-witted thief boyfriend Eddie and went through with the robbery anyway. Eight issues later, the sins of Saffron and Eddie’s past come back to haunt them as they come face to face with the man they tried to swindle, Donetti Bucatini. Chu #9 is a game-changing issue that’ll take more than Saffron’s abilities if she hopes to escape with her life.

Chu #9
Image Comics

Chu #9 sees Donetti Bucatini hold Eddie Molay and Saffron’s grandfather hostage until Saffron can retrieve a 200 year-old French masterpiece painting worth $63 million in Paris. All she has to do is get by the 24/7 security guards, thermal sensors, pressure-sensitive floor, and laser-triggered motion detectors — easy, right?  If she fails, Bucatini will kill Eddie, her grandfather, and Saffron. Up until now, Saffron Chu has always been two steps ahead of any adversary that’s gotten in her way, but Chu #9 feels different. 

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From the very beginning, we knew at some point that Saffron would run into Donetti Bucatini. What we didn’t realize is that he would gain the upper hand. After watching Saffron outsmart countless numbers of obstacles put in front of her, Donetti Bucatini poses the biggest threat, and this issue fleshes it out brilliantly. Bucatini holds everything dear to Saffron in the palm of his hand, and it’s an exciting moment that we haven’t seen before until now. What you’ll love most about the book is that it gives you two things: an origin story of how Bucatini and Saffron met and the setup to Saffron trying to pull off the greatest heist in her criminal career.

Dan Boultwood delivers stunning visuals as usual. Boultwood does another incredible job at telling a story that takes place in both the past and present, and blending them in an understandable way that readers will easily be able to tell the difference. What you’ll love most about his illustrations is his abundance of properly placed angles that capture each panel moment that help flesh out the raw emotion and comedy in each scene. 

Chu #9 and the entire “(She) Drunk History” arc has been a blast to read. Fans of the series will love how this issue sets up some nerve-racking obstacles that Saffron will have to conquer. It’s going to take every skill she learned in prison, her intellect, and more to pull off mission impossible, and I can’t wait to read every page in the issues to come. So grab yourself a copy of Chu #9 and join in the excitement.

Chu #9
‘Chu’ #9 review
Chu #9
Chu #9 brings Saffron Chu face to face with the man she tried to rob, Donetti Bucatini, in a full-circle moment that will change everything.
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Smart writing that brings the storytelling full circle in an exciting and engaging way.
Dan Boultwood continues to impress with his imaginative and hilarious creative vision for the Chuniverse.

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