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AIPT 2021 Toys Gift Guide: Hasbro, Neca, Sideshow, and more


AIPT 2021 Toys Gift Guide: Hasbro, Neca, Sideshow, and more

Our AIPT 2021 toys gift guide features a wide plethora of options this holiday season.

Gift giving can be tricky, especially when there are more toys coming out every week of the year. From Hasbro to Mezco and NECA, there are primo brands putting out excellent toys and statues throughout the year. Let AIPT be your guide!

Below you’ll find incredible toys that can fit any personality, or even be your next gift to yourself. We’ve also given a full explanation on why the gift is worthy of your wallet and even who the gift would be great for.

2021 Toy Buyers Guide Masters of the Universe: Revelation Battle Cat

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Battle Cat

While it’s not the best toy version of Battle Cat, this one is almost as good and will only cost you $40 instead of $300+. It has wonderful articulation and looks all types of cool. Plus, when you remove the armor, it becomes a legit version of Cringer.

Masters of the Universe 2021 Toy Buyers Guide

I’ve seen this toy available at my local Walmart, so that means it pretty much has to be available everywhere. If you need a last-minute gift for the Masters of the Universe fan on your list, this is a great and affordable option.

– Nick Nafpliotis

Groovelife 2021 Toy Buyers Guide

Marvel Comics and DC Comics Groove Life apparel

Not quite a toy, but something you can definitely display is the new Groove Life® licensed DC and Marvel products. Essentially you can show off your favorite superhero via belts, silicon rings, and even Apple Watch bands. The DC© Rings and Belts include characters and logos from Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman and the Marvel© Rings and Belts include the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Storm, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and more.

There’s a bit more variety with Marvel — there’s even a Black Widow ring featuring art from the recent movie and a Miles Morales ring featuring art from the PS5 video game. There are enough options to find the perfect gift for fans of specific characters.

Groovelife 2021 Toy Buyers Guide

I was particularly partial to the leather Spider-Man Apple Watch band, which is subtle enough that it’s not obnoxious, but it lets you rep your favorite character too. As someone who sweats, the breathable silicone inside the band is a nice touch.

– David Brooke

Zuniceratops Glow-in-the-Dark action figure

If someone on your shopping list is a dinosaur lover, then you definitely want to go with the affordable and gorgeously painted Zuniceratops from Creative Beast Studio for $29.99.

Zuniceratops Glow-in-the-Dark action figure 2021 Toy Buyer Guide

If they’re merely dino-curious, however, then you can’t go wrong with the glow-in-the-dark version of the figure for the same price. It features the same high quality of craftsmanship and articulation you expect from Creative Beast Studio, but with a fun gimmick that anyone can enjoy. It took a while for the little guy to gather enough light, but once he did, Zuni made for an excellent night light on my desk. 

I should also note that big-time dino-fans would still be more than happy to receive one of these in their stocking. Maybe it’s because “gimmick” figures typically aren’t this well made or poseable, but I’ve been carrying Zuni around with me everywhere since it showed up in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago. 

I teach middle school. Don’t judge.

Zuniceratops Glow-in-the-Dark action figure

In the spirit of full disclosure, Creative Beast Studio sent me a sample of this figure to review for our Holiday Guide…which worked out great since I wanted to buy one for myself, anyway. Now I just have some extra spending money to get one for my nephew, instead.

You can also purchase an exclusive red version of the figure at

– Nick Nafpliotis

AIPT 2021 Toys Gift Guide: Hasbro, Neca, Sideshow, and more

Gargoyles – 7″ Scale Action Figure

Gargoyles is an animated series near and dear to many of our hearts, especially if you’re between the ages of 35 and 45 years old. AIPT has reported on the recent release news which you can catch up on here,  which includes the recently released Goliath figure.

Standing 7 inches tall the figure has great sculpting, a wide wingspan, and some good accessories too. Relive your childhood by picking this up for yourself or someone else who adored the animated series.

– David Brooke

Kaiju Toys from Titanic Creations

If you have a kaiju lover on your holiday list, why go with the usual Godzilla figure when you could get them a pair of monsters from a fantastic and unique new toy line?

Both of the first two creatures from Titanic Creations are not only beautiful figures but have really cool and unique backstories, as well. From the Titanic Creations website:

Titanicus – An ancient monster that was first spotted in 1912 when he attacked the infamous RMS Titanic. The monster’s appearance triggered the creation of project serenity which has been tasked with keeping the public unknowing of the true horrors that lay in the ocean.

Titanicus origins are mysterious with many experts in the field believing that the monster was an ancient superweapon created by Atlantis. Beyond the attack on the Titanic, Titanicus has also been known to sink merchant ships and has been rumored to live near the Bermuda Triangle.

Titanicus is the first monster in Titanic Creations’ Soul Wars series. The figure stands 6” tall and 12” long and has 4 points of articulation.

Kaiju Toys from Titanic Creations AIPT 2021 Toys Buyers Guide

Nosferadon -A planet’s last chance at survival!

Nosferadon was designed by the inhabitants of his home planet to stop the Griffixis creature unfortunately there was not enough time. As the monster was laying waste to the planet they shot Nosferadon’s egg into space hoping that one day it could save another planet from the cruel fate that had fallen theirs.

Eventually, the egg landed on earth and was discovered by a young Jewish boy in 1930’s Germany named Wolf. As Nosferadon hatched he created a bond with Wolf. After Wolf’s parents were taken away Nosferadon and Wolf both set out trying to find them while also knowing that one day the Griffixis pathogen could come to Earth and Nosferadon would have to live up to his destiny of stopping it.

Nosferadon is the second monster in the Titanic Creations’ Soul Wars series. The figure stands 6.5” tall and is 12” long and comes with 5 points of articulation.

Kaiju Toys from Titanic Creations 2021 Toys Buyers Guide

Both figures come in beautiful packaging (a must for psychopaths who keep their toys in the box) and include a comic detailing their bizarre/awesome origin stories.

As someone who owns both figures, I can confirm that they make excellent additions to any toy shelf — especially Nosferadon, who features some truly superb paint and detailing.

Both Titanticus and Nosferadon retail for $60 each, but if you go to Titanic Creations’ Instagram or Facebook shops during the month of November, you can snag them for $30 each, instead.

AIPT 2021 Toys Buyers Guide: Hasbro, Neca, and Sideshow too

Sideshow Marvel Comics Spider-Man Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Format Figure Statue

So often when it comes to action figures you can see a certain cheapness in the quality that makes it less an art piece and more a quick form of nostalgia. That’s not the case when it comes to the recently-released Sideshow statue of Symbiote Spider-Man. Having purchased this awesome (but not cheap) statue, I can say without a doubt it’s a work of art. Nothing is cheap about this gorgeous piece.

It’s also massive and a showstopper that could pull any room together. Yes, you can argue that it’s practically part of the living room decor. The detailing in the tower Spider-Man stands on is gorgeous and easy to marvel at. The statue also comes with magnetic pieces featuring symbiote tendrils and statue articulation that add a bit more depth and nuance you couldn’t normally get in a solid piece. Is it expensive? Yes, but is it going to be the big present that’ll make a person’s year? You betcha!

– David Brooke

Star Wars: Black Series Koska Reeves

If you have someone on your list who’s both a big time Star Wars and a pro wrestling fan (like our Editor-in-Chief Patrick Ross), then you can’t go wrong with this figure of WWE’s Sasha Banks in role as Koska Reeves from The Mandalorian. Thanks to Hasbro’s new face printing technology, the portrait is a pretty good likeness of the WWE Superstar. 

Unfortunately, the popularity of this figure means you’ll need to pay a bit of a premium (around $40) if you want it here before the holidays. If you or your giftee is okay waiting until April 2022, however, you can preorder one for $22.99 plus $8-9 dollars for shipping.

– Nick Nafpliotis

Toys Buyers Guide 2021 Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Tervis Tumbler

Even if your giftee is the most casual of Star Wars fans, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Baby Yoda tumbler by Tervis. It features a perfect shot of Grogu sipping from his own cup, which is sure to elicit squeals of “HOW CUTE” from whoever receives it. 

Proof: My mother-in-law has only seen one episode of The Mandalorian, but still uses this cup all the time after I got it for her last Christmas.

The price is a bit steep ($35.29), but the premium is likely worth it for the guarantee of a well-liked gift.

– Nick Nafpliotis

AIPT 2021 Toys Buyers Guide

McFarlane Toys Mirrorverse Belle action figure

You know that friend you have who loves Disney Princesses, but also loves action movies and could potentially kick your ass? Only $12.99 gets you a small gift that they’ll absolutely love.

Even if they don’t play the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game (which I’d never even heard of before discovering the toyline), any fan of Belle is sure to appreciate having this battle-ready version of her on their desk.

– Nick Nafpliotis

McFarlane Toys Swamp Thing 

Speaking of McFarlane toys, the new Swamp Thing figure has to be one of the best models for the character in years. This one will be released right in time for the holidays, features red eyes, cool details throughout his body, and an accessory to make his arm a pointy root. There’s also a Gamestop exclusive version with antlers which is similar to the rare and now overpriced DC Collectibles Swamp Thing.

– David Brooke

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