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‘The Wheel of Time’ episode 5 review: ‘Blood Calls Blood’

Heavier than a mountain.

Warning! Spoilers for The Wheel of Time ahead!

The story so far: The world continues to fall into chaos. The false Dragon Logain has been captured leading to an attempt to free him. Many end up being killed while Logain is stilled. Nynaeve not only shows she can channel, but demonstrates incredible power. A conversation with Thom leads Rand to believe that Mat can channel. Though separated, all continue to head towards the White Tower.

The Wheel of Time has been off to a great start. The series has done an excellent job of introducing its characters and world without overloading audiences or moving too slowly. This has led to four episodes that have been filled with action, intrigue, magic, and violence. Most importantly, it has been easy to watch. The latest release has been a little more difficult to watch, but for all the right reasons.

“Blood Calls Blood” sees the series veer into a new direction. Following the events of the last episode, many are left dead. This leads to some of the most emotional scenes in The Wheel of Time so far. The show has never been short on emotion, it has just been seen through frustration, anger, and fear. An air of sadness hangs over the entirety of the most recent episode.

Episode five takes on a much more somber tone. There are a number of powerful moments ending on a scene that puts an exclamation point on everything. What this installment of The Wheel of Time also does is show the depths of the bonds between people. Along with giving an idea of the relationship between Aes Sedai and their Warders, it also sheds some light – and begs some questions – about how certain characters feel about each other. 

As everyone travels to the White Tower, more is revealed about Perrin and Egwene. Their scenes are packed with tension and fear. The Wheel of Time has already shown how deep their friendship runs, “Blood Calls Blood” takes things to another level. There are a number of scenes that are not overly graphic, but succeed in illustrating the cruelty of the world.

As has been the case the entire season, The Wheel of Time looks amazing. What is noticeable this episode is how the shots seem less focused on showing off how gorgeous the scenery is. The camera is letting the beauty flow on screen more naturally. The same can be said of the story and characters, making this one of the best episodes yet.

The Wheel of Time airs on Amazon Prime Video. A new episode releases every Friday

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