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Is It Good? Black Widow #6 Review

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Is It Good? Black Widow #6 Review

We’ve reached the finale to the first arc of Black Widow. It’s been a highly enjoyable ride through and through, but can the book come together in the end? Is it good?

Black Widow #6 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Black Widow #6 Review

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Black Widow has been captured by her old enemy, Damon Dran the Indestructible Man, who is having his goons beat the crap out of her. However, Natasha has been in worse binds before and manages to escape… right into another enemy that’ll certainly give her a real challenge. Also, why is Damon so paranoid all of a sudden?

Is It Good? Black Widow #6 Review
Well this guy certainly has worse aim than your usual Stormtrooper/henchman.

Throughout of the comic’s run so far, we had no ongoing threat or real storyline happening in it. Sure, we just finished a story arc, but it felt like it would be its own separate thing used to build up and establish the jobs and missions Black Widow gets from S.H.I.E.L.D. However, with this issue, we officially get a storyline to be playing out throughout the run. I can’t say too much about it for spoiler concerns, but for those who wanted a bit more story and a bit less of these single missions, you may be getting what you want soon.

That being said, this was overall a good final issue of the run. Not as spectacular as some of the previous issues, but still a good and engaging time. Black Widow still remains a well-rounded character who is both strong, and intelligent, but is also flawed in different areas. There are not many characters besides her, outside of Maria Hill and Damon Dran, and they’re fine (though not as developed) and worked with theme of the issue: paranoia and being alone because of the spy business. The dialogue and inner narration is good, the pacing and structure is fine, there are decent character moments in it from time to time, and the ending is alright. Again, not as strong as previous issues, but not too bad either.

Is It Good? Black Widow #6 Review
I could ask questions, but I’d rather shoot first.

The artwork by Phil Noto is good as usual with the comic. Good layouts, well-drawn characters (though again, female characters share similar looking faces), beautiful coloring, intense action scenes, moments that are good at capturing the mood and feel of the scenes, and more. The only thing of note this issue was the strange difference in inking. Most of the issue has the same amount of inking that you would expect from the comic based of previous issues and you don’t normally see the line work due to the painted colors going over top of the lines. However, for the first couple of pages, the inking is much stronger and more prevalent to the point where it almost made the book look like was drawn by a different artist. I don’t quite get it, and it was a touch distracting.

Is It Good?

Black Widow #6 is a solid conclusion for the first real arc of the series, which also gets an interesting storyline going. The writing and themes are good, the main character is still well defined, and the artwork is strong like you would expect. Maybe it’s not as amazing as previous issues have been, but it’s still a good wrap up for the arc.

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