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Is It Good? Green Arrow #31 Review

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Is It Good? Green Arrow #31 Review

The Outsiders War ends here. It’s one epic as hell thrill ride with tons of shocks, twists, turns, and jaw-dropping moments throughout. With the final issue of the arc in front of us, can it stick the landing and go out with an incredible bang? Is it good?

Green Arrow #31 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Green Arrow #31 Review

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This is it. Green Arrow goes to confront Komodo for the final time after his father was shot down. Emiko learns the truth about everything and seeks her revenge. Katana and Onyx face each other down, both ready to end the other if they don’t surrender. The Outsiders War reaches its bloody end…

Is It Good? Green Arrow #31 Review
Prepare for awesomeness.

Yep, just as everyone hoped, this was a fantastic conclusion to the arc. It’d be hard to discuss it in full detail without giving too much away, but it’s everything you probably hoped to see and maybe even a bit more. Characters die, go their separate ways, and more throughout the issue, but it all makes sense and matches perfectly with what we have seen of them. Everyone’s decision is perfectly in line with their characterization and development throughout the run and even in the harshest of moments, you can’t help but sympathize and or understand why they did what they did. Probably the only weak bit was that one would have expected a bit more action in some scenes, but with what we got, it’s more than satisfying.

Jeff Lemire’s writing is great as always. The dialogue is solid throughout and matches the characters perfectly, with no awkward or unnatural lines. The pacing is tight, with no sense of the story being rushed or glossed over at all. Every scene has a purpose, an exciting or thrilling moment, and does not overshadow or take away from another scene. It easily sucks you in from the first page and doesn’t let go until the surprise ending that’ll lead us into the next exciting storyline in June. There’s nothing more that can be said about the writing. It’s just phenomenal and puts most books out this week to shame.

I’ve said before that the artist, Andrea Sorrentino, deserves an Eisner nomination for his work on the book and I stand by that (I was quite disappointed to see him shamefully snubbed). 16 issues of this comic and not one break at all in between, delivering high quality art as good as any Eisner winner month to month. The layouts are outstanding, the characters look great, the mood and tone are captured fantastically, the action is impressive, and the creativity is off the charts at points. Throw in a fantastic colorist by the name of Marcelo Maiolo who is able to help elevate the artwork even more, and you have one of the best, if not the best looking book on the market.

Is It Good? Green Arrow #31 Review
My god, look at that rain. It’s beautiful and also most likely to give them a cold.

Is It Good?

Green Arrow #31 is what it is: a fantastic, shocking, and thrilling conclusion to one of the best story arcs of the year. It’s hard to talk about what makes the issue so impressive without diving into spoilers, but let it be known that if you have been reading the comic up until now, you will not be remotely disappointed in what happens. Now, it’s time to get psyched up for the next arc coming next month.

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