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Super Sons #6 Review

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Super Sons #6 Review

‘Super Sons’ #6 begins an interesting new arc.

Super Sons #6 begins an interesting new chapter that brings together Robin and Superboy with the Teen Titans. Robin takes Superboy out on patrol to help train him and also receives some training right back from Superboy. In this issue it’s obvious that these two need each other a lot more than they think. Robin of course sometimes can’t contain his frustration and stops training early only to leave him behind to take on his own mission with the Teen Titans.

The issue opens up with a mysterious character who looks like he’s building his own team out of clay or mud but it’s extremely hard to tell. There are some nice moments with Clark and Lois who seem to show a lot more trust into letting Jon take off with Damian as long as he’s back before curfew. This is a nice reminder for the readers that even though they’re superpowered kids, they’re still kids.

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Damian as always is a hard-ass and takes complete control of situations, not because he’s older or more experienced, but simply because he’s Damian. Even though Damian and Jon agree to work with each other they still have different ways of handling certain situations, like telling a man to stop jaywalking rather than scare him into never jaywalking. The issue takes place at night as most bat-family issues do but this actually works very well and the issue is very beautiful. I really enjoyed how much color there was with all the street and building lights.

Super Sons #6 Review

I also love the way the Teen Titans are drawn in this issue. Every character is detailed and have an perfect amount of color that really stands out. Seeing Superboy with the Teen Titans gives me hope that maybe we’ll see him join one day. He certainly needs some more experience, but this was a great tease toward something great. The action scenes were pretty great, but it’s a shame Robin chose to leave Superboy behind even though the Teen Titans wanted him to join for the night.

Super Sons #6 Review

This wasn’t a bad issue at all, but there were some parts of it that were unclear. There are two villains that stand out as the main protagonists but it’s very uncertain if they’re the same person or not. This was the first issue to a new arc, though, so my complaint is minor. Other than that, I really enjoyed this issue and I think most fans will as well. There was more than enough action, comedy, and the perfect blend of art and scenery. This issue seems to be taking a darker road, despite it starring two kids. The last pages of this issue are jaw-dropping and so chilling it completely catches you off guard and will get you excited to see what’s next for the Super Sons and the Teen Titans.

Super Sons #6 Review
Super Sons #6
Is it good?
Super Sons #6 is the start of something fresh and exciting. Seeing Superboy and Robin team up together to save cats out of trees is one of hell of a fun ride. This issue also gives you hope that we can one day see Superboy join the Teen Titans.
Teasing Superboy potentially joining the Teen Titans is a really exciting touch even if it never happens.
The art really popped in scenes that took place in the streets. I really enjoyed how much color there was.
Some parts of the issue were unexplained like who the villains were or if they were the same person. There's still more to come so that's a minor complaint.

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