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Skin & Earth #3 Review

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Skin & Earth #3 Review

This issue has you wondering if En has some other worldly powers.

What better way to drown your relationship sorrows than getting blasted? Well, maybe not the best when you start to have sweat-induced delusions in the middle of the night. Am I really talking to an ethereal woman with diamonds in her face? Skin & Earth #3 opens with En and an out-of-body bender.

There is a distinct parallel between En’s favorite childhood story and the silver haired woman of her dream, leaving us to wonder if this was a premonition or some grand hallucination to keep En’s mind intact after the breakup. Tsu seems to be a kindred spirit. She is easy to talk to and likes borscht and Captain Lights.

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Skin & Earth #3 Review

En lives all alone in the middle of nowhere. She is isolated because she is a Pink and isolated where she lives. Her house sits next to a toxic area which consistently pumps out toxic fumes. It’s not a stretch to think she may have cracked. Tsu even mentions to En, “Your imagination paints a beautiful world for you.” But then again, can a delusion drink wine and eat borscht out of a box?

Why has this woman suddenly appeared? Did En need to experience yet another loss in order for them to connect? This entire issue simulates an out-of-body experience. Either a dream, hallucination or astral projection. The arrival of Tsu is just too good to be true. Perhaps she is an alter ego of En that is trying to soothe her. Or perhaps Tsu will prove to be the darker part of En. The part that wants to hurt Priest like he hurt her.

Skin & Earth #3 Review

There is some mystery surrounding the tattoo that Priest gave her. I think this will hold a key to unlocking more of the story. Tsu even mentions the tattoo and the fact that Priest wanted her to get rid of it. I think we need to understand this symbol and why Priest chose it for En. Why did he suddenly leave her too? Is this just a case of noncommittal jitters? Or is there something deeper going on that maybe he is trying to keep En away from.

This issue has me wondering if En has some other worldly powers. Perhaps her imagination really can paint a beautiful world, a better world; she only needs to tap into it. These are only theories but that is a sign of a good story. It has me thinking and questioning and wondering what comes next.

Did I like it? Skin & Earth gets you talking. En is a burst of color and life in a drab toxic wasteland. I continue to be intrigued.

Skin & Earth #3
Is it good?
Skin & Earth takes a new turn that will have you asking questions.
Striking albeit toxic skylines
Mystery tattoo
Potential revenge on the horizon
The power of imagination
Tsu is too good to be true
En lives in a so called dangerous area yet we never see anyone else

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