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Medisin #6 Review

Medisin is easily one of my picks for most underrated books of the year. The subject of villain healthcare hasn’t ever come up in any comic books, or not in any books that I can think of at the moment. Jeff Dyer has taken these misfit doctors, most with a checkered past that has left them so they cannot practice medicine in a normal environment, and put them together under control of Malady, a super villain that oversees all of their activity. Medisin #6 is the last issue in what has been an action packed, thought-provoking tale. How will it all end for Ethan and his team of doctors?

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She’s got that glow!

Malady is a bad b---h!

Yes, Malady’s big reveal was in issue #4. However, for the purpose of my review, the character is still Malady. At the end of issue 5, Malady had given Ethan every detail of his/her past, the people he/she had encountered, including Ethan’s grandfather and how much of an influence he was to him/her. I’m doing a good job of not spoiling who Malady is, yeah? Ethan’s heard enough and decides that he is leaving, since he is the only doctor under Malady’s watch that has the option. Malady no longer sees it that way and activates the Prion infestation inside him, leaving him dying on the floor.

In Medisin #6, we pick up right where we left off. Ethan is on the floor with Malady standing over him announcing Ethan’s power is now his/hers. But Ethan has a surprise of his own and his power heals him and repairs all the internal damage the Prion infestation caused. Just when you think all the cards are laid out on the table, Malady has one more major reveal up his/her sleeve and once again Dyer does an excellent job with his story telling because I didn’t see this one coming either! But I can’t tell you what it is. Go buy the book.

Meanwhile, Olivia is still fighting for her life since the Crimson Crow dropped her off with some less than savory characters. Dr. Linden, who wants to escape his past and do some good leaps in at the final seconds to rescue her. Things take another twist and Olivia shows she isn’t as weak as she appears to be.

That’s gotta hurt!

So Dave, you are happy with how the arc ends?

Yes, and I applaud Dyer for his character development in this first arc of Medisin. We learn about Ethan’s heritage, learn about Malady and his/her past. We also learn a great deal about the supporting doctors and the minor villains are fleshed out well enough for them to matter too. There aren’t many books out there that has accomplished this as well as Medisin. The entire first arc has been fun to read and I’m happy that the end brought some closure but also kept things wide open for new adventures and opportunities for most of the doctors.

David Brame and Joaquin Pereyra have been the dynamic duo in the art department. I have liked Brame’s pencils for the most part. I have mentioned in the past that certain characters and frames look a little rough but Pereyra’s colors find a way to make them better. Nothing terrible, I just would have liked to have seen a smoother look.

Medisin is a comic that certainly deserves more attention than it has been getting. I highly recommend this book to anybody that is looking for a different type of superhero/super villain story. There’s always room for new heroes….um, villains, and maybe Ethan and his team of doctors are the ones to answer the call. I look forward to a new Medisin story arc. Don’t have us waiting too long, Jeff!


Is it good?
Originality goes a long way with me
Strong character developement
First arc wraps up nicely, nothing felt forced
Some of the art is a little rough

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