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Crashing S2 E1: "The Atheist" recap and review


Crashing S2 E1: “The Atheist” recap and review

It seems as if Pete is on a new path.

I really enjoyed season one of Crashing. It’s not necessarily one of the best shows on television, but it’s a fun and insightful look at the New York comedy scene. Pete Holmes is a great, different kind of protagonist that we’re not used to seeing in the current television landscape. His strict religious background leads to so many naive moments that end up being awkward, hilarious, and usually both. Season two picks up where season one left off and the premiere episode is a very solid setup for the rest of the season.

Pete is now living in a garage which is part of Lief’s home. Yes, Lief, the guy who slept with Pete’s now ex-wife Jessica. Hilarious. Pete’s still handing out flyers at The Boston Comedy Club. He meets a fellow comic named Allie while doing so, who asks if he can squeeze her in for a short set that night. He complies and she’s quite funny.

Pete heads to another club (Village Underground) later that night and finds his buddies Artie Lange and Dave Attell along with some others. The more Artie, the better. He’s such a great part of this show. They head off to a strange burlesque club to celebrate someone’s birthday who Pete doesn’t know, so they leave him behind. Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) asks Pete if he can sit with him and they strike up a conversation about religion. Penn was a Protestant as a child turned atheist (hence the episode title) and he explains to Pete how ridiculous the concept of following this religion he was taught to follow as a child is when really it doesn’t make much sense. It’s hard for Pete to admit that Penn could be right, but he sees what Penn is saying and it throws Pete for a loop.

Feeling like everything he’s come to believe could be a lie, he heads off to the burlesque club and meets up with Artie and the guys. He gets drunk and they all head back to Village Underground where Dave and Artie call Pete up on stage. He has a funny set with them and ends up running into Allie afterwards at the bar. With his drunken confidence, he proposes she take him home and Pete succeeds in making it happen. Just like that, Pete has finally slept with a woman other than Jessica.

In the morning, Allie wants Pete to leave but he’s oblivious so he sticks around. He pees sitting down with the bathroom door open, which feels like such a Pete thing to do. Allie seems baffled and slightly annoyed, and she takes off for work. The episode ends and it seems as if Pete is on a new path. I hope this side of Pete that’s come out after his conversation with Penn continues to progress throughout the season. Given the season two tagline of “born again to be wild”, I think it will. Great first episode of the season.

Crashing S2 E1: "The Atheist" recap and review
S2 E1 "The Atheist"
Is it good?
It's not necessarily "must see" television, but Crashing is a fun show that takes an interesting look at the NYC comedy scene. Season two starts off strong with good laughs and a promising setup for the episodes to come.
Love the direction Pete's character is headed in
Allie is a great new addition
Artie is back!
Good laughs and solid set up for the rest of the season
Doesn't necessarily stand out above other shows on television

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