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Made Men #5 Review

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Made Men #5 Review

If you have kept up with my past reviews, you know I am a fan of Made Men. Jutte Frankenstein was a cop, until she and her team were ruthlessly gunned down. Jutte breaks out her grandmother’s secrets and stays true to her Frankenstein heritage by resurrecting her team for revenge. There has been danger at every turn for Jutte and her crew, but what do you expect when you have the ability to raise the dead?

Made Men #5 Review

Yes, for a zombie child, it appears she is doing just fine

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What is Jutte and company up to this issue?

Well, there is Jutte, Hadry, and a quick cameo from Leo. The other members of the team are absent again in Made Men #5. My only complaint with the last issue was that I wanted to see more of the other characters. They don’t even show up in this issue. And come to think of it, I had the same complaint in issue #3 as well.

The story continues with the usual trio. Jutte is getting deeper in with the crime lord Biz. She resurrected his dead daughter and now Biz wants Jutte to murder a member of his outfit. Will Jutte commit the crime or will her morals prevent her from the dastardly deed? If she won’t kill the target — surely Hadry will, right? Well Hadry happens to be neck deep into….well, let’s just say she is up to her neck in personal affairs. And Leo? Leo just wants to go for a walk.

Meanwhile Ayers and Larkin get a hot tip on who murdered Captain Grange. But we already know it was Leo who killed the captain! Who is this mysterious person that they believe killed the captain and what secrets will be uncovered? Only way to find out it is by reading it! No spoilers here.

Made Men #5 Review

Maybe Hadry should look up and find out where the hell Gemini disappeared to

So Dave, is it good?

I hate saying this, but Made Men #5 is hands down the slowest issue of the series so far. I’m not telling you to jump ship and not read the issue. I am not jumping ship. The issue is more setup. By this time, I thought there would have been more focus on an endgame. The revenge is just on the tip of Jutte’s tongue. Other plots are beginning to form, but it feels like side-missions to a video game. Jutte is still trying to master her new craft, but what will become of her? Continue working for Biz? Continue her quest for revenge? Hadry just wants to have fun. Where are you taking us Mr. Tobin?!

I hope to see the missing characters Gemini, and I cannot think of the other soon. That’s how bad it is, I am forgetting their names! They didn’t die in vain! Paul, please bring back the other team members soon. I might be bitching more than I need to. I just don’t want to see an entertaining story go to hell.

Arjuna Susini and Gonzalo Duarte’s artwork is still on point. I like Susini’s use of multiple panels during the dialogue to mix up the flow. It works, and travels at a faster pace than the actual story. Made Men is character focused; Susini does an incredible job illustrating each of them. Duarte’s colors still have the darker tone, giving off a grim vibe to the story.

Made Men #5 is my least favorite issue so far. I am not giving it a terrible score because I still like Tobin’s vision. I like Jutte, Hadry, and Leo. I am sure things will pick up, and I hope to see the other members of the team. Where the hell are they? Fingers crossed they show up in issue #6.

Made Men #5 Review
Is it good?
Jutte, Hadry, and Leo are entertaining characters
I dig still the grim looking artwork, adds a B-rate horror vibe
More plots rising, hopefully they evolve into something brilliant
Slower paced issue
Where are the other characters?
Did I mention that I wonder what the other characters are up to?

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