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Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Review

Comic Books

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Review

Adam Warlock and Kang are featured in this ‘Infinity Countdown’ opening salvo issue.

Marvel Comics is kicking off their five part “Infinity Countdown” mini-event today, which will run to July. It’s rather obvious why this story is starting, since Avengers: Infinity War will be revealing to the non-comic reading public what Thanos and his Infinity Stones are all about. Enter Adam Warlock, the protector and saving grace for all reality!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This is a one-shot that is more about learning who Adam Warlock is more than anything else, which makes it an easy read to jump into. Obviously, he’ll play a part in this story seeing as he gets an entire issue devoted to him, but keep in mind other characters like Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and Darkhawk are getting their own one-shots too. Oh, and artist Mike Allred is astounding and putting out some of his best work in ages. Seriously, this book is worth a read just to see his pretty pictures backed up by some wild ideas from writer Gerry Duggan.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Review
Brah, what did you step in?!

Did I mention how good this art is? I’m a sucker for Allred, so maybe I’m biased, but once again he draws one heck of an issue. Backed up on colors by Laura Allred, the two have four double page layouts or spreads, a few full-page spreads, and a heck of a lot of gorgeous work in this issue. Adam Warlock and his various looks are impressive too, and the new costume has a clean and simple look that’s quite appealing. Kang plays a big part in this issue and his strange face (that’s almost like a mask) is rendered quite well. Midway through he goes through a transformation that bathes him in light and increases the intensity of Ben-Day dots in a rather cool way. Various heroes and villains pop up and they look great in ways that are either modern or reminiscent of older looks for them.

These characters have older looks because much of this book is about time travel. Duggan has crafted an interesting story here that’s told via Kang. Surprisingly he’s not trying to take over all reality–at least not yet–and Duggan writes a sharp character who knows all, yet fears whatever is coming. That adds ample stakes without actually seeing them and should pique the interest of most. As a person who has a vague understanding of Adam Warlock, I think Duggan does a great job simplifying his history enough so that anyone can jump on board with this character and the story as a whole. You get plenty of cosmic vibes from this issue and understand Adam Warlock’s strange nature. An easy thing considering he was in a pupa for so long!

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Review
Sweet costume.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue kicks off “Infinity Countdown” in a subtle way that may leave some a bit cold. We understand something very bad is coming, but no real details or scope are given, and instead we must read the characters’ emotions and believe their fears to garner a sense of what is coming. I could also see folks uninterested in Adam Warlock skipping this one and not missing a whole lot in the rest of the series.

Is It Good?

Look, I’m a sucker for Mike Allred so this issue was a delight right out of the gate for me. The fact that it begins to hint at the bigger story and bring back a classic underutilized Marvel hero is just icing on the cake. If Kang is as afraid as he is here the Marvel heroes have a lot to worry about!

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Review
Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1
Is it good?
If the art doesn't win you over the clean and easy to follow story will.
Mike and Laura Allred draw a lot of pretty pictures stretching their skills across multiple full and double page spreads
Adam Warlock is introduced for new and old readers in a clean way
You get a sense of the danger incoming from Kang's fear rendered well by the writing and art
While it hints at what to come this isn't the big sendoff for the story some might expect

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