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World of Warcraft: Morally grey Sylvanas burns down Teldrassil in latest ‘Warbringers’ video

It’s morally grey to burn down a World Tree in cold blood, right?

When it was discovered through datamining that Teldrassil, the World Tree containing Darnassus and much of Night Elf civilization, would be burned down leading into Battle For Azeroth, speculation ran rampant about who would be the culprit. Maybe Blizzard would take the less obvious route and Genn Greymane, or even King Anduin would have done it. Occam’s razor would suggest that Sylvanas Windrunner, the increasingly-evil Warchief of the Horde, would be behind it, but surely Blizzard wouldn’t base another expansion around a former hero-turned-genocidal maniac Horde Warchief corrupted by desire for power, right?


‘Warbringers: Sylvanas’ is a well made video, as anyone who saw the excellent Jaina episode would have imagined it’d be, but it’s hard not to be let down by this direction the story is taking. Blizzard has stated that the Horde is “morally grey” in its alignment, and are not the out-and-out villains of the story. Morality is a point of view, essentially. However, razing the sacred World Tree containing the capital city of a generally peaceful race of people while an unrelated conflict rages on the opposite side of the continent is about as far from “morally grey” as you can get.

Sylvanas has long been a fan favorite character, so it’s a hard pill to swallow that she’s almost certainly going to go down the “corrupted former leader we must now defeat” route. Maybe Blizzard has some tricks up their sleeve, but this isn’t a great start.


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