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Pete meets his hero.


Crashing S3 E3: “The Secret” recap and review

Pete meets his hero.

Here we are, already on episode three of Crashing this season. It feels like the season is flying by!

Pete seems to have taken the plunge head first into a relationship with Kat. The episode opens with them arriving at her apartment and he’s unsure about the new hat he’s wearing. Kat tells him he looks good in hats and to trust her (full disclosure: he does not look good in the hat). They’re having tons of sex and tons of fun it seems. It’s a totally new and exciting chapter for Pete relationship wise.

While out at a restaurant, Kat starts asking Pete about what he wants career wise. She calls him out on wanting to be famous and tells him that there’s nothing wrong with wanting that as he seems reserved in admitting it. He then tells her about a television show idea of his and she convinces him she could see him in the lead role. It’s actually quite sweet as she’s helping him gain some self-confidence. He drops her off at her dance studio for a few hours.

While Pete’s doing things to pass the time back at his apartment, Leif shows up unannounced. I get the impression Pete is completely consumed by this new romance, as Leif says Pete hasn’t been returning any of his texts or calls. Pete seems almost annoyed that Leif is even over, almost like he doesn’t have time for him. Leif gives Pete a housewarming gift and invites him to a soft opening at a new restaurant where there’s going to be a ton of celebrities. Lauren Michaels, a beautiful woman, will be one of them as Leif says which had me chuckling. Pete tries to correct him to “Lorne” and “man,” but it goes over Leif’s head.

Anyways, Pete declines because he wants to hang out with Kat. Leif tells him how this is a once in a lifetime experience but Pete says he’s been on the road a lot and wants to hang out with Kat. Leif brings up how he saw they were together earlier this morning via social media…Pete lies and says that was from another time. Leif seems bummed out. It bummed me out honestly. Pete seems to be ditching all his other friends for this new gal, which is never the right move. But he’s infatuated and it makes sense that this would be happening currently.

Pete and Kat do more hanging out, Pete randomly mentions his love for Ray Romano (more on that later), and they end up at a sex shop. Pete is clearly weirded out as this is not his normal domain, and he keeps making jokes about everything which bothers Kat. She feels like Pete is shaming her for what she’s into, but he claims that’s not the case and apologizes. Kat is clearly quite a bit more experienced than Pete.

She then takes him to the Comedy Cellar, which makes Pete really uncomfortable. She tells him to face his fears. He wants to be forgotten by everyone there. The bouncer immediately recognizes Pete, and once Kat leaves he tells him he should lose the hat. Ha! They’re seated pretty close to the stage, and Pete tries to hide under his hat as long as possible.

Pete meets his hero.


Dave Attell heads to the stage and it takes him barely any time to notice his buddy Pete in the crowd. He RIPS him apart to the crowd’s delight. Kat is having fun with it. Dave immediately tells the other comics after his set and they each talk about Pete in their sets. It’s hysterical.

Pete meets his hero.


After the show, Pete and Kat go to say hi to the comics at their classic table/booth. Kat is trying to tell them all how funny she thinks Pete is and ends up telling them he’s funnier than any of them. She does it in a funny way that they sort of love though, as if she’s roasting them as they roasted Pete all night.

As they’re leaving the Cellar, Ray Romano gets out of a car. Funny that Pete mentioned liking him earlier in the episode. Those funny little things happen in life though, so it feels very true to life in this moment. Pete doesn’t know if he should go up to Ray or not, but Kat marches him right up to him. Pete says hi, it’s a bit awkward but nice. Kat tells Ray how Pete has him on his “vision board” which Ray initially makes a joke about being creepy. Kat explains how the board is all about putting things on there and then manifesting it into real life — Pete wants to one day be like Ray in his career.

Kat then lets it slip that Pete has a sitcom idea, and Pete recounts his idea we heard about earlier in the episode to Ray. Ray makes some wise cracks about it (“So a guy lures kids into his garage — sounds like a Dateline episode”) but says he could potentially see it being a sitcom. He gives Pete some sincere advice to end their encounter. He tells Pete he seems like a funny guy and to just get out there, get on stage, be honest, and if it’s meant to happen it’ll happen. It may sound generic written out here, but it’s actually quite sweet when he tells him in the episode. He wishes him good luck, comments on his hat, and says goodbye. Pete is over the moon. He just had a chat with his comedy hero.

Pete meets his hero.


Cut to Pete and Kat waking up in bed, and it’s their four week-iversary. Kat says they need to go outside because she has a surprise for him. They see a bus pass by and it has a “Holmes Schooled” ad on the side of it with Pete’s face (the sitcom idea Pete had earlier in the episode). Pete is absolutely stunned in the best way possible. She tells him she wanted to show him he should believe in himself because she believes in him. Aww. He says it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him and then tells her he loves her. She loves him too. Cut to the credits.

It was a GREAT episode this week. There’s a ton of progress in Pete’s new relationship, we learn some of Pete’s goals and dreams, and there are plenty of laughs. The Cellar scene is amazing with all of the comics ripping on Pete. I really feel like this season keeps getting stronger and stronger and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week.

Crashing S3 E3: "The Secret"
Is it good?
We learn a lot about Pete's new relationship, we see Leif, we see Pete's relationship progress quite a bit, hilarity ensues at the Comedy Cellar, and Pete meets his comedy hero Ray Romano. What a fantastic episode.
The Comedy Cellar part of the episode is absolutely hilarious
Lots of progress and insight into Pete's new relationship
Solid development with Pete's goals/dreams
Both sweet and very funny episode
Ray Romano cameo is amazing

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