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Overwatch's new Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live
Blizzard Entertainment


Overwatch’s new Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live

We cover all the event details and patch notes.

Overwatch’s latest Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live. With the new event comes 50 new cosmetic items, a new PVE Archive event, and updates to Junkrat, Reaper, and Symmetry.

Storm Rising introduces players to a new PVE event, and a new map, Havana. Players will hunt Maximilien, the shadowy and reclusive accountant of the terrorist organization, Talon, through the streets of Havana in a race against time. A hurricane is approaching, and agents of Talon are on site to ensure Maximilien doesn’t fall into Overwatch’s hands.

Players will take on Maximilien in groups of four, with the option to play as Tracer, Genji, Winston, or Mercy. Uprising and Retribution, the past Archives events, are also available for play.

Players can earn 50 new cosmetic items, with 160 in total from all three Archives events. There are eight new skins in total to unlock — five legendary and three epic.

Storm Rising runs from April 16 to May 6.

In addition to Storm Rising, today also brings a new patch. Junkrat, Reaper, and Symmetra have received updates. The full patch notes are below:Overwatch's new Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live

Developer Comments: With this change, we’re looking to slightly increase the range at which Junkrat can land direct hits. The speed of his bombs has increased, but we tuned it so this wouldn’t affect the arc of his projectile. This means that aiming with it will feel the same. The grenades bounce less and explode sooner, which will allow Junkrat to aim them more deliberately. This will reduce the amount of rolling grenade spam when playing against him.

  • Projectile speed increased from 20 to 25
  • Grenades now bounce less but explode sooner

Overwatch's new Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live

Developer Comments: Shadow Step was originally intended to be purely an out-of-combat mobility tool to traverse the map, since Wraith Form was already a great tool for disengaging. However, this made Shadow Step very situational, so we’re increasing its flexibility to make it a better, less niche ability. This will enable Reaper to use Shadow Step in more offensive situations.

  • Cooldown reduced from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Can now be used in air
  • Time to exit Shadow Step reduced from 1.0 second to 0.5 of a second
  • Reaper is now invisible for the entire time it takes to exit shadow step
  • Railings and other breakable objects no longer block teleporting
  • Disabled by Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Junkrat’s Steel Trap
Overwatch's new Archive event, Storm Rising, is now live
  • Railings and other breakable objects no longer block teleporter placement and teleporting


Hero Gallery

  • You can now set your Victory Pose choice to random


  • There is now an option to set your profile so only your current group can view it

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