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Everything we learned Baptiste's story, "What You Left Behind"
Blizzard Entertainment


Everything we learned Baptiste’s story, “What You Left Behind”

The Overwatch Universe just spilled a lot of secrets.

Monday afternoon saw the release of a new short story from Blizzard for Overwatch hero Baptiste, “What you left behind.”

The 20-page story by Alyssa Wong was one of the longest tales about Overwatch that Blizzard has released yet. In its pages one of the most burning questions fans have had about Baptiste since we were first introduced to him was revealed, why did he leave Talon? Not only that, but we got to witness Baptiste use his immortality field for the first time, and the identity of two new Talon agents were made public.

But there’s so much more to talk about, that’s why I parsed through 20 pages of story and pulled out the juiciest bits for you.


We now know the location of Talon HQ — Rome. At this time the only map in the game anywhere near Rome is the escort map Rialto, in Venice, Italy. And that map’s story is set around Talon agent Antonio Bartalotti’s, a corrupt businessman, and arms smuggler whose story was told in the Overwatch Retribution event.

Two new Talon agents revealed: Mauga and Nguyen.

Not much is revealed about Nguyen. We simply know him as a thin, sharply-dressed Vietnamese man who operates as a Talon analyst, and is extremely cold and calculating.

Mauga on the other hand got quite the story, and has a lot of history as Baptiste. We know that he’s a huge giant of a man, with wild black hair that’s streaked with white, and appears to be of Samoan descent.  We were also told a lot about his combat capabilities:

  • Uses two machines guns
  • Has giant coolant tanks on his back
  • Deploys an energy shield in battle to protect himself and his squad

Given the amount of combat information made available on Mauga, it’s highly likely that he will be an upcoming hero players see in the game.

Baptiste has a relationship with Sombra, perhaps even a friendship. After Baptiste fled Mauga and Nguyen at the end of “What you left behind,” the first person he spoke with was Sombra. Why would he contact a Talon agent after fleeing from other Talon agents, and then ask a favor of said agent unless he trusted her?


Vernand Sainclair is a former member of Overwatch. Sainclair acted in a role for Overwatch similar to that of Nguyen in Talon — analyst. After feeling like the organization took him for granted, and was “slowly rotting from the inside out,” the analyst began selling information to Talon. This went on for years before the UN disbanded Overwatch.

Baptiste’s confrontation with Vernand occurs four years after his departure from Talon, and it’s here that someone has started to try and reform Overwatch. It’s also revealed by Nguyen that there are more than one former Overwatch members on Talon’s payroll, which could spell serious trouble for the Overwatch agents and the organization itself.

We know Widowmaker and Reaper betrayed the organization, and it looks like there’s more betrayal to come. If Vernand was sent information that included the names and last known locations of every Overwatch member, it’s highly likely that another traitor has the information as well.

Baptiste is seeking out Mercy to warn her of Talon hunting her down. The two had briefly spent time together in Venezuela at a humanitarian aide site. The burning question is, does he find her, and if he does, what is their relationship like today because of that meeting?


During his mission against Sainclair with Mauga and Nguyen, Baptiste pulls a box out from under his bed, and dons a set of armor we’ve never seen before. Described as “a set of sleek white combat armor and a scarf stitched with a medic’s insignia,” the armor also includes boots that has heavy metal frames, and an exoskeleton that allows him greater mobility and the ability to jump extremely high.

We witness Baptiste use his immortality field for the very first time. A prototype he developed himself, the immorality field saves his life during a confrontation with Mauga.

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