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Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14b notes: Nerfs to Assassin damage, Volibear and Cursed Blade; buffs to Sorcerer and Wild


Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14b notes: Nerfs to Assassin damage, Volibear and Cursed Blade; buffs to Sorcerer and Wild

Bugfixes, balance changes, toning down Assassin damage and more in this week’s Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14b change.

We previewed Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14b a few days ago and Riot announced earlier today the full extent of the changes to be implemented in a few hours from the time of this writing.

Per the official League of Legends website:

Hey Tacticians, welcome to the Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B notes.

In these B-side patches we’ll be making changes focused on balance and bugfixes. This week, the biggest change is to critical strike modifiers with the aim of toning down the damage Assassins bring to the table. Additional highlights include: Volibear and Cursed Blade getting nerfs, while Sorcerer and Wild get buffs.

Let’s get into it.

Check out the full list of changes by clicking the link below from Riot’s Principal Game Designer’s Twitter:

For a breakdown on the upcoming changes, we agree with a lot of the sentiments Reddit user FowD9 made in this post:

My patch rundown (going backwards, idk why I did it in that order). Feel free to give me your takes on why you might disagree 🙂

  • So glad redemption was fixed. It was so stupid watching redemption heal up a 3k hp volibear to max health
  • Even with GA being fixed, I don’t think it’ll be built by most people
  • Guardians might be a lot more viable with the fix and assassins being nerfed. though with sorc being buffed it might not be that great if sorcs become more meta
  • Morello being buffed was kind of dumb, it’s a really strong item that I feel is very underrated
  • Cursed blade nerf was meh. There are a lot of ways it could have been changed better. My personal suggestion would be something along the lines of being unable to do more than 1x -1 tier on any unit. Or can’t proc on the same unit for at least X seconds
  • Voli is seeing a 15% reduction in attack speed and 14% reduction in armor. looks like making him demon is going to be even more crucial now since it’ll take him forever to transform otherwise (the reduction in AS also means RFC is SIGNIFICANTLY less effective on him for getting to ult)
  • Note for the voli nerf: I’m a bit surprised they didn’t go through with the reduction of chained targets by 1 per level, I think it was a much needed nerf
  • Poppy buffs are a bit absurd, she’s probably one of the best tanks in the game currently imo, extremely underrated
  • Morde buff does nothing for him
  • Eve might be a bit more viable now if you don’t have her 2* yet
  • Akali nerfs are actually pretty big since her dmg is being reduced by ~25% from ult crits, she’s a little more squishy and attacks about 7% slower now
  • Ahri will prob still be horrible
  • Elementalist nerf was 100% needed and might even be too little
  • Wild buff probably still not good enough because of the additive nature of AS
  • Sorc buffs are okay
  • Assassins nerfs will be on point to balance them without making them useless imo
  • Kennen AD: 70 -> 65

    Doesn’t address what makes Kennen so ridiculously strong. I’d have preferred to see an AS reduction instead which would delay his ult ever so slightly. THAT is what makes him such a strong unit and the reason he’s in 80%+ of the top 500 player’s #1 wins (alongside ninjas and elementalists being so strong)

What do you think of the changes being made to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.14b? Did they bolster Mordekaiser enough or should Mordekaiser’s Ult have been buffed in addition to his HP? Should Cursed Blade have been nerfed in the way it was? Let us know in the comments.

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