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Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Wondering which characters are the best overall in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Check our list.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has been out for a month now on the Nintendo Switch, and with a whopping 36 playable characters, there is no shortage of heroes to help stop the Black Order from retrieving the Infinity Stones. Previously, we went over the named team bonuses as well as the team combinations which yielded the best stat bonuses.

Today I’ll go over the top ten heroes you can put in your team to help you along the way.

10. Black Panther

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Black Panther is a fast and agile fighter, able to close distance quickly and do reasonable damage up close. At first glance, he seems like the standard fare brawler, but once you realize that Panther Claw, and Vibranium Slash lead to some very damaging combos, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

While it can be very easy to go swinging away with our Wakandan Royal, don’t sleep on Bast’s Fury. It absorbs all incoming attacks and once you release it, it creates an AOE blast that lets Panther not only brawl with the toughest adversaries in the game, but prevent him from getting mobbed to death.

9. Magneto

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Magneto makes this list because he is one of the best crowd control characters in the game. During battle, he will casually remark that he can destroy armies, and he isn’t wrong.

While durability isn’t his strong suit, getting in close enough to really hurt him is tough. His heavy attack is great to spam as it gathers up enemies as it travels, setting them up nicely for his Master of Magnetism. He can also create an AOE explosion with Magnetic Pulse — which has great range, pushback and synergy capability. His Extreme attack also does great damage to bosses, powerful foes, and trash mobs alike. Magneto also has reasonable costing for his abilities, so he can keep going in longs fights.

8. Captain America

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Good old Cap! Captain America seems very basic, but his move set is anything but. Captain America is right at home where the fighting is thickest, but he also excels at range fighting if need be. His Shield Throw ability hits very hard and bounces around hitting multiple foes giving Cap great crowd control. His Shield Dash also allows him to get in close deal damage efficiently. His Absolute Defense ability is amazing when coupled with projectile synergy, but also makes him very tanky allowing him to go one-on-one with some of the toughest foes in the game. Topping this all off, he can buff damage for the entire team, making him an amazing addition to any team you want to field.

7. Thanos

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Thanos is the last character you unlock in Infinity, and he is locked behind the toughest fight in the game. Rightfully so, as he boasts the highest base stats of any character in the game. Thanos has a four hit combo for light attack, yet hits as hard as you would expect a heavy to, allowing you to do a lot of damage just swinging his fists. His heavy attack is no slouch against stagger bars either, and because it is a dash, it allows him to close distance and get in close effectively. Crushing Blow is his heavy hitter attack, not only dealing great stagger damage, but synergizing well with other AOE attacks allowing Thanos to slam his way onto any team.

6. Daredevil

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Daredevil is a brawler that hits reasonably well, has efficient energy usage and is capable of being in the thick of any fight. Blind Fury is a great area of effect attack that can be sustained, giving it fantastic synergy properties. Vigilante Justice is great for breaking stagger bars, which is important for some of the tougher enemies in the game.

Where Daredevil really shines though, is his Radar Sense ability, which debuffs all enemies in the area and causes them to take more damage, making him not just a great solo character, but a terrific addition to any team as buffs or debuffs are uncommon in this game.

5. Wolverine

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Logan is just as ferocious as you would expect, and he gets my billing as the top brawler in the game. Primal Rage is a very respectable buff to his damage, and as a bonus acts as a clearing attack if used as a synergy giving Wolverine space to be the best there is at what he does.

Beserker Barrage does incredible damage not just to stagger bars but health bars as well, making it one of his bread and butter moves and a great ending to any combo. His Claw Strike can be abused with synergies to hit nearly everything on screen with the right teammates or deal sustained damage to stunned bosses. His reasonable energy costs and healing factor passive allow him to remain a fearsome foe even in the late stages of any engagement.

4. Storm

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

This goddess hits hard with her weather attacks. The move you want to spam here is Ice Barrage. It deals phenomenal damage, can freeze baddies, synergizes well, and basically allows Storm to control the battlefield with ice-cold precision and devastation.

Her other abilities are no slouch either – the longer you hold the button for her Tornado during a synergy, the longer it persists, and you can move it about the screen, dealing sustained damage to everything it touches making it great for clearing mobs.

3. Ms. Marvel

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Ms. Marvel, simply put, completely breaks the game. She is bar none the most powerful hero you can add to any team in terms of damage output. Sweet Combo Attack is so powerful, and melts bars so fast I often wonder if it is a bug. No synergy needed, it just melts everything you point it at – bosses, stagger bars, mob trash…no other move in the game causes so much damage. Super Face Kick completely destroys stagger bars with laughable ease, and Giant Foot Spinny Thing synergizes so well and hits so hard she can obliterate entire screens of enemies with just the tap of the button. Oh, Embiggen? Amazing synergy with pretty much anything. Ms. Marvel is a one woman wrecking crew that trivializes most encounters.

Why is she not number one? Because her energy usage is very poor, and she has the durability of a water balloon. She struggles a lot with energy consumption, meaning she will be empty in long fights and her basic attacks are slow, meaning she recharges slower than most other characters. You rarely want her as the last one standing on your team, but her damage is so high she gets a nod on the list.

2. Star Lord

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Star Lord is a character you might be surprised to see as my number two. Easy Breezy is his bread and butter and with it, he can synergize with himself, which is great for damage buffs and stacking damage. Just toss it out there, and hit it with any of his other abilities to turbo charge his damage. While the Tornado is going, throw some light or heavy attacks into it, and you start doing damage that rivals even the mighty Ms. Marvel. Breezy also does direct health damage through stagger bars, giving Star Lord an edge against any enemy he goes toe to toe with. He also benefits massively the more you fill up the Alliance Enhancement grids, buffing his elemental damage. Star Lord is a DPS monster and is a must for any team looking to maximize damage.

1. Thor

Top Ten Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Thor is insane. He is a slugger in every sense of the word, and frankly, I wouldn’t create a team without him. Unlike other members on this list, he doesn’t have flashy combos, or world melting numbers, but he is strong in every category, making him the jack of all trades character in MUA 3. He is most at home during boss fights and against powerful enemies protected by stagger bars which he crushes better than any other character in the game.

Mjolnir’s Might is the strongest stagger attack in the game, often being able to one shot powerful enemies. It deals heavy stagger damage to bosses as well, making Thor a must have in the most brutal scraps in the game. He has the second highest base stats of any character in the game, allowing him high base damage and impressive amounts of health and durability. Thunder Strike synergizes with nearly every other attack for big damage, and Hammer Hurl is excellent for allowing Thor to be in the middle of any fight and deal heavy damage to those around him. As long as the son of Odin is in the fight, you not only have a chance, but the edge.


Do you agree with my list? Did I leave anyone out of the Top 10? Let me know in the comments.

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