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Going to the Chapel #3 review

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Going to the Chapel #3 review

The stakes get even higher in issue #3.

Action Lab literally pulled the trigger on Going to the Chapel #3 — I just reviewed issue #2 a couple weeks ago, but I’m always happy to jump into some more Chapel action. And trust me, you are going to want to pick up issue #3, because things are starting to heat up. The last issue ended with a failed escape attempt and the reveal of a bomb that is wired to blow the church to kingdom come.

Back in the church the robbers and wedding parties are doing their best to endure one another. Stockholm Syndrome appears to be setting in as the guests are feeding the gang members and one member of the gang is even teaching a little girl how to handle a weapon appropriately. That might come back to bite them in the ass later, but for now, everyone is surviving.

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Emily’s feelings are beginning to show through the facade she has kept up. The guy she is to marry, Jesse, is still trying to flex his Bruce Willis facade like he is going to save the day. A lot of smoke and mirrors going on here and people banging in the bathroom stall! The grandmother, who is my favorite, poisoned a robber’s piece of wedding cake so she can steal his gun in an attempt to save the day herself. The situation has just reached new levels. Who is going to escape? Who is going to make it out alive? More importantly, who is Grandma going to cap?

Going to the Chapel #3 review

The Good

David Pepose pulls off a surprise stunner on the first page of the book. In fact, I stopped reading the issue just to email him praising him on the first page twist. Pepose doesn’t miss a beat with this issue. The scripting is brilliantly executed to the point where I could see this turning into a feature film. The characters and their personalities are so entertaining that I don’t want this series to end. But, I would really like a prequel or a continuation if the story ends with that possible scenario. Read that again, David Pepose! I need more of these characters eventually!

Gavin Guildry and Liz Kramer continue to kill it with their artwork. The tone of the story has shifted to the more serious side and the pair shift tone with the colors and sharp line work. Guidry is smart with his perspectives and Kramer’s colors paint the characters’ emotions well.

The Bad

My feelings for Jesse have shifted. I have decided he is a sad soul and a character that I should probably feel more for, but, he doesn’t really fit with Emily. Jesse comes across to me as a guy who is going to get up in the morning with the same boring routine. He will be sitting at the table drinking his coffee and reading the news. Emily craves excitement and Jesse doesn’t match her vibe. Sorry, Jesse, but I’m a Tom fan! Good guys do finish last.

Going to the Chapel #3 review

The Ugly

I always leave 30% tips at restaurants” You’re going to have to read the issue to see this for yourself.

The Verdict

Just buy the issue, or buy twelve! Help contribute to persuading Pepose into writing another story with these characters. I have enjoyed each issue, and each gets better than the previous. I’m ready for the finale, bring it on!

Going to the Chapel #3 review
Going to the Chapel #3
Is it good?
Not just another heist, Going to the Chapel has been an amusing tale of realization and coming to terms with your true self.
Pepose keeps both the laughs and the action rolling along
Grandma with a shotgun!
Beautiful artwork by the dynamic duo

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