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“His Dark Materials” Season One Episode Five: ‘The Lost Boy’

Rife with tension and suspense, ‘The Lost Boy’ will hold the viewer’s attention and leave them in suspense. 

The fifth installment of the first season titled “The Lost Boy” can refer to several characters. So far, the show has established that children are going missing and all suspicions lead to the Magisterium. This week’s episode centers on the themes of fear and faith as the Gyptians follow a lead from Lyra’s alethiometer. Rife with tension and suspense, ‘The Lost Boy’ will hold the viewer’s attention and leave them in suspense.

The Gyptians, now accompanied by Lee Scoresby (Lin Manuel-Miranda) and Iorek Byrnison (Joe Tandberg), are getting closer to finding the children. Lyra, who has learned to put faith in her abilities to read the alethiometer asks Ma Costa and John Faa to trust her. This is an interesting turn for Lyra who has had trouble trusting others. Lyra’s trust in the alethiometer leads her to find one of the missing children and to discovering in part what the magisterium has been up to.

New characters also arrive this episode. Serafina Pekkala, played by Ruta Gedmintas, makes her long awaited appearance. Until now she has only been talked about by Farder Coram.  And we’ve seen the character of Will Parry (Amir Wilson) before through Lord Boreal’s surveillance, but he makes his official appearance in ‘The Lost Boy.’

Written by Jack Thorne and Otto Bathurst, the story progresses and Lyra assumes her position as hero while she learns to trust herself and master her fears. Lyra’s character is developing at a good pace as she was very reluctant to believe in herself, but is moving towards looking for guidance and help from her alliances such as Lee Scoresby, John Faa, and Iorek Byrnison whose wise words about fear inspired Lyra during a particularly frightening scene. This episode features some pretty impressive shots of the snowy setting and mountain canyons. Iorek Byrnison’s effects are also notable as we see a giant polar bear walking along the precipice of a cliff along a winter backdrop.

Along with story progression, the episode features some ace acting from Dafne Keen who effortlessly pulls off Lyra’s cleverness and arrogance, but also conveys her fear and vulnerability with strength as seen in her discussions with Iorek and Lee Scoresby. Anne-Marie Duff also gives a heartbreaking performance that will elicit tears from the audience as she learns of some devastating developments. James Cosmo provides a strong performance when he sees Serafina Pekkala for the first time in years. Will Parry’s plot line revolves around his mother, a woman who suffers from paranoia. Nina Sosanya plays the role of Elaine Parry and pulls it off with such conviction her performance is both tragic and intensely creepy.

While this episode is certainly emotional and is so far the saddest of the installments, there are still some light moments between characters as we gain more insight into who they are. Suspenseful, sorrowful, and evenly paced, this episode works its way to a thrilling conclusion and that will leave the audience wanting more.

His Dark Materials S1 E5: 'The Lost Boy'
Is it good?
Great episode. Full of tension and excellent character development.
The Gyptian voyage finally lands on a destination
Great performances all around
It's a great episode, but it feels like something is missing.

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