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Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons: Dragonmaw Poacher, new neutral minion revealed

Business should be booming for Dragonmaw Poacher in Descent of Dragons.

With all those uber powerful, power-creeping Dragon cards looking to set the competitive meta ablaze in the upcoming Descent of Dragons Hearthstone expansion, a question lingers in the minds of ranked ladder players: will there be any way to counter said mighty Dragons?

Now we know the answer: the uber-powerful Dragonmaw Poacher.

  • Dragonmaw Poacher
  • Class: Neutral
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Mana cost: 4
  • Attack: 4 Health: 4
  • Card text: Battlecry: If your opponent controls a Dragon, gain +4/+4 and Rush.

Just in case you thought Flamewreathed Faceless in all its 4-mana 7/7 glory wasn’t enough — Blizzard went and gave us a 4-mana 8/8. All jokes aside, Dragonmaw Poacher looks like an auto-include in pretty much every deck in Descent of Dragons as it’s a low-risk, very high reward tech card that should shred anyone foolish to lay down a low-cost Dragon before the Poacher hits the board.

Will Dragonmaw Poacher be the first card nerfed in Descent of Dragons? Or will this card fail to live up to its hype? Sound off in the comments.


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