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Pinball FX3 Universal Monsters Pinball Pack Review

Get ready to jump in the pit.

While we wait for the next tables for Pinball FX3 to drop in just a few days, I figured this would be a great time to check out the previously released tables in the Universal Monsters Pack. These are two arcade favorites from the Williams line-up, including Monster Bash and Creature From the Black Lagoon. Now, the reason Universal is involved here is because their classic monsters are involved with the tables. So…that explains that.

Now, are the tables any fun? Well, first off, what you might want to realize is that they’re slightly more expensive than the usual packs. There are only two tables here for the $9.99 price, whereas there are usually three when it comes to these downloadable offerings. That might throw you off at first, but hold the phone.

While it would’ve been great to see an Elvira table thrown on top, the two available games in Universal Monsters Pack are amongst the most playable in Williams’ collection. They offer a great deal of fun and nostalgia from the original releases, and also have a mode where you can turn on additional animations to liven things up, like a dancing Dracula in Monster Bash (whom you can hit with a ball, by the way) and a swimming creature in a black lagoon in the other one.

No, it’s not a Rolling Stones table.

Monster Bash itself is a treat, as you rack up bonuses while attempting to get a bunch of monsters together for a rock concert. It has various bonus rounds worth taking advantage of, along with lots of stuff to shoot at on the table. Going up the ramps for instance, shows the Bride of Frankenstein getting ready for a date, and eventually marrying Frankenstein. (“NOT!” as she puts it.)

What’s more, the rock music offered with this table is excellent, especially one that beckons you to jump into a mosh pit. Yes, with monsters. So crank the volume for this one.

As for Creature from the Black Lagoon, it goes for 1950’s nostalgia, as viewers deal with bothersome cars (and try to inexplicably blow it up with a rocket launcher and dynamite, to clear the view) and invading the snack bar while waiting for the multiball round, where they must rescue the damsel in distress from the creature itself. All the while, he swims at the center of the screen, somewhat cheering you on from his own pool. It’s a well-designed table, with lots of variety and fun music in its own right.

As for gameplay, it’s great. There are times that the pinball can be a little too fast for its own good, and you can lose the ball as a result. But otherwise, it’s fairly balanced. And if you’re not a fan of the little animations, you can turn them off at any time, playing the old-fashioned way like you would on an actual table.

So, yeah, while there’s no third table to choose from here — and that does bring up the cost a little — both Monster Bash and Creature From the Black Lagoon are well worth the investment. This latest pack for Pinball FX3 shows a great deal of value, especially when considering the online features that are poured onto it, allowing you to complete with friends and die-hard pinball players alike.

Is anyone gonna clean the pool? No?

So even though it’s December and all, you owe it to yourself to make these monsters a part of your collection. Now…”get lost, Drac, I’m swimmin’ with Muck!”


Is it good?
Monstrously entertaining.
A lot of fun to play, even if the ball moves a little fast at times.
Great animations in the original designs, though you can play old-school as well.
A bit costly with just two tables, compared to three.
Why weren’t the Elvira tables given consideration? They’re in this library...

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