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Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review


Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review

A decent starting line-up, though not for everyone’s tastes.

You may not be as familiar with the name Velocilinx as you are with Turtle Beach and Razer when it comes to peripherals. But its three line-ups of offerings — including mice, keyboards and headsets — aren’t too bad considering the price. It’s a good entryway for those looking to get some solid performance, without going too deep in the wallet.

So let’s take a look at each of the accessories in the company’s Boudica line-up, offered from its website. Keep in mind that they did offer samples for us to review.

Boudica Six Button 10,000 DPI Gaming Mouse

Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review

This oddly shaped mouse has surprisingly good performance.

First up is the mouse, which is silver and sleek in design, with a glowing color within its glory. It’s pretty good when it comes to performance, but there’s something to be said about its comfort. It’s a bit on the heavy side, which does slow it a little. And, to be honest, its odd shape does make it stand out from sleeker gaming mice offered on the market, particularly with the SteelSeries line. There’s also something to be said about the odd placement for the front side button, as it can take a bit to adjust to if you’re used to general design from other peripherals.

That said, its performance is solid once you make said adjustments. We tested it on a few games — as well as with every day use — and it’s not bad overall. The optical sensor works extraordinarily when it comes to accuracy, making it ideal for first-person shooters. Again, that’s after adjustment. There’s also a small RGB orb you can customize (through PC only) that’s not bad either, in case you want a little extra flair with your gaming sessions. I just wish there was an option to change it up on Mac.

Overall, it’s good when it comes to performance, but this may be a good time for Velocilinx to go with something more practical with design. This one stands out a wee bit too much, though it might just be the ticket for hardcore players looking for accuracy.

Boudica 104 Key Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review

A pretty keyboard…but why is it so loud?

Most keyboards these days come with a stylish light display that stands out to gamers — and the Boudica is no exception. It features PolyGrow orbital edge lighting, along with Prism Lighting technology that perks right up on the keyboard. For that matter, you can also customize this, in case you want to go about it a different way with one of the ten pre-programmed sets. (Again, it’s for PC only, as it couldn’t really read on Mac. But at least it performs accurately.)

That said, there’s another question regarding its design. It’s very practically made, and even has stand-up legs beneath it, in case you want to get an angle on what you’re writing. But the keys, for some odd reason, are very loud. Like, you can hear clacking with each one that you press, even if it’s in a light manner. It’s not nearly as practical as, say, the quieter keyboards out there. That may be somewhat annoying to those that pound away at commands.

At least the performance is up to par, with great accuracy on what you’re typing in to it. During some game sessions, we found it easy to execute certain moves within a game, just with the press of keys. And the keyboard is built with strength as well, as it’s surprisingly durable for several hours we used it.

There could be a question in regards to its noise level, but overall, the keyboard is both affordable and top-performing. And the lights are quite pretty if you’re using it for evening sessions.

Boudica Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset, White

Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review

Not a bad starting headset, but it needs some work.

Finally, there’s Boudica’s starting headset, which plugs in with a USB adapter (instead of simple headphone jack) and comes with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound. Oh, and the headset lights up with a number of LCD-powered lights, which you can program with the help of a PC (but, again, no Mac — this could use an update).

The headset itself is nicely built, with a sturdy frame for the top of your head, good ear cups and a long-lasting set-up. But there’s a problem with the comfort, as it’s not really as adjustable as it could be. It’s not bad, and does eventually settle in after a few gameplay sessions, but Velocilinx should look into allowing it to fit on more heads.

Also, the surround sound the headset comes with is good, but I’m confused as to why you can’t toggle the 7.1 by itself. You need a software download to do it here, which may frustrate those using the headset for another device. Surprisingly enough, it works fine on Mac and PS4, even if the box doesn’t indicate so. (You just can’t use the volume that much, though you can mute.)

The mic is great quality, though there are times it can be a little too sensitive when it comes to picking up noises — like the “clackity clackity” from the keyboard. But overall, it captures your voice efficiently, which will work for some.

Overall, the peripherals that Velocilinx has rolled out with the Boudica line aren’t bad. That said, there are improvements that could be made, like with headphone adjustment, the keys being a little (or maybe a lot) quieter and the mouse being more comfortable over time. But if the company can tweak its designs and continue to pour on the features, it could really get somewhere. For now, it’s worth a try if you don’t mind a few adjustments, but it’s not top-level. At least, not yet.

Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review
Velocilinx Boudica gaming peripherals Review
Is it good?
A decent starting line-up, but changes should be made.
Excellent use of lighting and (mostly) strong performance from the line-up.
The headset is fairly easy to use, and has more functionality than expected.
The mouse has a somewhat odd design, and the keyboard keys are a bit too loud.
The headset doesn’t offer much adjustment, and you can’t get 7.1 surround without the update.

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