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LucidSound LS10P Advanced Wired Gaming Headset Review


LucidSound LS10P Advanced Wired Gaming Headset Review

The right price for the right listen.

I do love a good gaming headset. And right now, we have some really good top-of-the-line ones to choose from. But not everyone has an astronomical budget, and not everyone is crazy about buying a $20 headset that delivers fifty cents worth of quality.

That’s where LucidSound comes in. The company usually known for top-tier headsets like the LS50 and the recent Snoop Dogg model that hit the market hasn’t forgotten about its budgetable gamers out there. Hence, the LS10P, which is one of the most surprising headsets I’ve gotten my hands on this year.

Going for a price of around $50-$60 (depending on where you find it), the LS10P may be a wired headset with some slight nitpicks with its design, but its sound quality is through the roof and its comfort is something else. This may be one of my favorite LucidSound headsets yet — and I’ve tried out quite a few.

LucidSound LS10P Advanced Wired Gaming Headset Review
Cheap, but not cheaply built.

First, let’s talk about the comfort. Rather than going with uber-expensive materials and a metal frame, the LS10P goes with a more durable plastic, but not the kind that leaves a grating feeling on your skull. Instead, it’s quite durable, making the headset easy to adjust for even the biggest of noggins.

What’s more, they’re quite sturdy, though you’ll still want to take care of this headset so that it doesn’t break on you. I did notice in one of the early models for review that the earcup came off, and didn’t quite reattach as easily as it should have. Fortunately, LucidSound remedied the case right away, and what remains is a headset that goes comfortably over the ears.

The microphone has great build as well, as it lights up when it’s muted (bright red), and can easily be muted when you press in the cup button on the side. The only thing is that the sound isn’t quite protected, making it easy to pick up some outside noise. Still, it’s a well-performing headset when it comes to capturing your voice, and ideal for streamers on a budget.

But the thing that impressed me the most is the volume control. Rather than fiddling with a side remote built into the cord or, God forbid, dealing with defaults, the LS10P has volume control aligned with one of the earcups. You can adjust it accordingly, and it works very well as a result. I love the way that this works.

Overall, despite the ear cup and mic issues, I had no trouble with how this headset feels.

LucidSound LS10P Advanced Wired Gaming Headset Review
Well-designed for a $60 headset.

As far as sound quality goes, the LS10P’s 50mm speakers pack a punch for a budget priced headset. It’s not uber-performing like the LS50, but it’s definitely up there with accurate quality within its sound. I didn’t have any trouble hearing what was happening in my rounds of Titanfall 2, The Pinball Arcade and Death Stranding. The audio feedback from the mic is just about right, too. For the price, you definitely get your money’s worth here.

The only real limitation that holds the LS10P back is its wiring. It’s a decent length cable, but some may prefer the convenience of LucidSound wireless set-ups. But, again, this wasn’t built with everyone in mind, but rather for those that are stuck on a budget. It definitely delivers on that account.

LucidSound LS10P Advanced Wired Gaming Headset Review

Even the box looks nice.

LucidSound continues to win me over with its line of headsets. While I still prefer the LS50 for my gaming sessions, the LS10P is a strong contender for second place. It’s priced just right, and has quality build throughout. And even the little things that may serve as negatives — the mic protection and the wiring set-up — aren’t that big a deal at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about recharging the headset. Works like a charm each time.

So if money’s an issue, or you just want a feature-free headset that gives you the most for your gaming dollar, the LS10P is a worthy choice. And, hey, it makes for a good stocking stuffer, as you still have time to grab one!

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