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‘Westworld’ Season 3 Premieres March 15

Fans of the Sci-Fi western drama, Westworld, won’t have to wait too much longer for the anticipated third season. Last night, HBO released a teaser trailer that revealed the show would be returning on March 15.

The trailer itself blends current events with future fictional ones as it references significant and dark moments in history leading to Westworld’s present. A critical event just occurred and could the voice over be referencing Dolores as the “you”?  Check out the teaser below.

The world keeps on expanding. As we saw in the second season, we visited other theme parks operated by Delos Inc. Now that Dolores and Bernard have escaped, we can see the real world this March. New additions to the cast include Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, who I think provides the voice over, Lena Waithe and intriguing selections of Kid Cudi and Marshawn Lynch.

How excited are you for the third season?


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