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'Harley Quinn: The Animated Series' episodes 4-5 recap
DC Universe; "Harley Quinn"


‘Harley Quinn: The Animated Series’ episodes 4-5 recap

‘Being Harley Quinn’ and ‘You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon.’

In the last two weeks of Harley Quinn, we’ve seen Harley continue her adventure to gain the recognition of the Legion of Doom. She just wants to match up to the Joker and desires an invitation to the Legion.

Let’s bring you up to speed to this point. After breaking up with the Joker, this series allows the audience to see a Harley Quinn beyond the Joker. She’s built a team consisting of Poison Ivy, Dr. Psycho, Clayface, and King Shark. All for her to be known as a super villainess.

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This show is something special, and it continues be my favorite animated series on the air. There’s something so satisfying about watching Harley Quinn spitting out F bombs left and right.

Episode 5: “Being Harley Quinn”

This episode opens with Harley having a mental breakdown after feeling uncertain of herself, or as Dr. Psycho calls it, a “level four brain freeze.” She stands as frozen as a statue, trapped inside her own head. Dr. Psycho takes all of the team members’ subconscious and transfers them to Harley’s head to save her, as their bodies lay lifeless on their condo floor.

They successfully arrive in Harley’s head, where they wind up at her museum of memories.  These memories show us that this Harley Quinn has been batsh*t crazy her whole life. Once the team finds Harley she confides in Ivy, questioning why she’s not able to answer simple questions about herself.  While talking she notices a false memory about her origin story and attempts to change it. By her interfering with the memory, it triggers her brain to believe it’s under attack. Her brain believes there are intruders and attempts to eliminate the entire gang the entirety of this episode.

Meanwhile, their landlord waltzes into their living quarters, and sees all five members lifeless bodies on the ground. He ponders for a second and exclaims that they’re dead, and he must burn their bodies, so he can move new tenants in.

They escape the museum while under attack and arrive in Harley’s subconscious. The team searches for an emergency exit, while running from their assailants. Out in the distance, Harley sees an island with her repressed memories. Harley believes if they go to the island, they can fix her origin story memory, which will restore Harley out of her mental breakdown state. Once finding the specific memory, she watches on as her younger self lands up in the acid chemicals. Harley believes throughout the entire episode that the Joker pushed her into the acid, which ended with her becoming Harley Quinn. However, when watching the memory in front of her eyes, it turns out very different than what she had originally thought. She jumped willingly, and the Joker never pushed her. In that instant, she realizes that she’s been in control of her life all along.

'Harley Quinn: The Animated Series' episodes 4-5 recap

They escape from her brain just in time. Clayface had been tossed in the furnace, and King Shark was next in by their landlord. The episode ends with no one being torched, and their landlord joining their brigade as well.

Episode 6: “You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon”

This episode begins with Harley and the team cheerfully entering the house following their newest heist. Yet the night ends disappointingly after said heist doesn’t receive any media recognition. No matter how absurd her attempts, Harley just can’t obtain popularity. She’s infuriated and decides she must do something extreme. She contemplates for a moment, and decides she is going to rob Wayne Tech. And so, the plan goes into motion. Harley steals the most restricted item in Wayne Tower and makes off with it. While leaving the building, the lockdown protocol goes into effect, and Clayface’s arm get chopped off from security doors closing on him. Harley returns to their lair with a trigger button on a questionable device.

Meanwhile, we see Jim Gordon standing aside an illuminated Bat symbol, awaiting Batman. Let me just add in that this Jim Gordon is not like the one we know. This Jim Gordon is a ball of sadness, with no hope, and no urge to want to be the Jim Gordon that we all know him to be. This episode puts our venerable commissioner in the limelight.

Once Batman appears, Jim begins unloading his personal feelings about his home life.  Batman is visibly annoyed that his time was wasted, since he could’ve spent his time stopping Harley from getting away with his device. He leaves, and Jim is left crushed. He feels he’s lost a friend, and that Batman has abandoned him.

Jim Gordon goes back to GCPD and begins questioning Clayface’s hand, which has morphed into a baby-like creature that speaks and has all the knowledge of Clayface. Gordon questions the hand on where Harley’s lair is. Clayface’s poor right hand just wants to be loved. Once conversations begin erupting between the hand and Jim Gordon, an instant friendship is ignited. Gordon laments his home life and Batman’s abandonment of him. The hand listens and provides Gordon the support and shoulder he much needed to lean on. The two become inseparable.

'Harley Quinn: The Animated Series' episodes 4-5 recap

Clayface and Harley go to break out the hand and clash with Jim Gordon, who doesn’t want to give up his newfound friend. The hand sides with Gordon and refuses to leave his side. As Jim fires off a shot at Harley, with no other choice, she presses the unknown button on the tech she stole at Wayne Tower. The tech transports her to the Batcave where Batman awaits her. She pleads for him to talk to the obviously hurt Gordon and tells Batman that Gordon needs him. As a result, Harley and Bats team up to save their friends. Batman apologizes to Gordon, and they restore their friendship. Thus, Clayface gets his hand back, and Harley outwits Batman before he takes her to Arkham.

Upcoming Episode 7

In the upcoming episode, it pans to Queen of Fables being released from her tax book imprisonment. Ivy warns Harley to steer clear, that the Queen is a real bad guy. The following scene shows lots of gore at the hands of the Queen.

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