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Super Bowl Black Widow Spot: Natasha’s First Family

This May, Black Widow will be the first Phase Four film in the MCU. What better place for promotion than the Super Bowl? During a break in the first quarter, Marvel released their latest trailer for the movie.

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It was a brief thirty second spot and it mostly contained scenes from previous looks and teasers but there was some new footage. In the narration, Natasha mentions her first family and we witness a touching and intimate moment where Black Widow, her sister, Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz’s character are holding hands in a field filled with rubble. We also see a cool instant where villain, Taskmaster, kicks his shield up from the ground to his arm.

With airtime at a premium for Super Bowl commercials, we weren’t going to receive a two-minute theatrical trailer. Luckily, Marvel still gave us a little something never seen before. Black Widow comes out May 1, 2020.  


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