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Avalanche Studios announces new branding, teases new game

The Just Cause dev has a lot of exciting news to share.

Avalanche Studios, the studio that brought gamers the Just Cause series, announced Wednesday morning that its rebranding itself to Avalanche Studios Group, and will be comprised of three defined working groups: Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction. You may know Expansive Worlds for theHunter series and Systemic Reaction for Generation Zero.

Avalanche Studios Group also announced that Systemic Reaction is working on a new game and shared a short teaser trailer. Watch it below.

There’s not much to be gathered from the teaser trailer. The camera slowly zooms in on a dark cave set in a snowy landscape and in the background you can hear what sounds like gunfire accompanied by growls and strange clicking sounds. Just before the trailer ends a flash of gunfire illuminates part of the cave and you can briefly see blood spurting from some kind of beast that’s being shot. This tells us that the game is likely a first person shooter and involves survival elements. Not much else can be said until Systemic decides to share more information.

Accompanying both announcements is a huge steam sale for all Avalanche Studios Group’s games, with most being marked down by over 70%.


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