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A quick review and some handy tips.


Persona 5 Royal: How to enjoy one of the PS4’s best games

A quick review and some handy tips.

I have been a big fan of Persona 5 since it’s release three years ago. I thought it was so good it was the game of the year for two years running. It should come as no surprise that I love Persona 5 Royal. But is it really worth another $60 if you already own the original? The answer is yes. Atlas tweaks the game enough to warrant another playthrough. It is asking a lot for players to devote over 100 hours of their lives to a game. It is almost preposterous to ask them to do it twice. P5R is the exception.

You already know the game is amazing. Here are some tips to make it that much better.

Live vicariously through the game

A quick review and some handy tips.

We live in strange and challenging times. Most of the things we had taken for granted we are no longer able to do with any sense of normalcy. P5R gives you that opportunity. This is your chance to go out to eat, hang out with friends, shoot some pool, and practice your flirting. Plus, you get to do some challenging dungeon crawling. Just like before the quarantine.

Don’t min/max

A quick review and some handy tips.

The art of min/maxing is important to role-playing games and P5 seemed to be custom-made for save scumming. When time is of the essence and you have other plans this makes sense. In today’s atmosphere of TikTok videos and Instagram challenges, there is plenty of time to immerse yourself in more role play. Or use Joker as your avatar. Whichever you choose, let the story play out without worrying about getting the best stats. Save that level of OCD for when the world gets back to normal.

It’s not a new game

A quick review and some handy tips.

P5R is hard to describe. The original walked the line of being almost too stylish. Royal seems to have solved that, yet somehow still looks better. That being said, those looking for a completely new game will be disappointed. It is not long before the game introduces new characters and mechanics but make no mistake. The same story beats are there. Royal is the definitive edition of P5.

Don’t get caught up with terms

A quick review and some handy tips.

There was a time in video games when the genre of open world meant something pretty specific (even then it was over exaggerated). It evoked a sense of freedom and replay-ability that could not be found in linear games. In 2020, critical favorites like God of War have proved that aside from being descriptors, the terms are meaningless. P5R offers wide player freedom with an amazing story. Most importantly, it’s fun.

Take your time

A quick review and some handy tips.

I respect a game that appreciates my time. From the beginning, P5R suggest you take your time. Time is a very important part of the story. Players will find themselves racing against the clock to complete dungeons. The fun is in the social aspect part of the game. Making friends, studying for school, and just hanging out are all an important part of the Persona series. How do you squeeze it all into one day? You don’t. Do what you want to do when you want to do it and P5R will be an incredibly satisfying experience.


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