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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: 'Admiral Peralta'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: ‘Admiral Peralta’

The Peralta Curse, Terry plays the flute and Scully and Hitchcock do something right.

Back in episode seven, we learned that Amy was pregnant and that her and Jake would be having a new bundle of joy soon. At the morning meeting, the couple makes the news public to the rest of the Nine-Nine but everyone already knew. In true TV fashion, they cut to times where Amy is strategically covering her belly with a box, a newspaper and a hazmat suit. Feeling his thunder is stolen, Jake lies and says they’re having twins causing Charles to faint.


Jake makes the rounds telling people the good news and meets with his father at Shaw’s. Roger is excited but fears a grandson because of the Peralta family curse. All the dads have strained relationships with their sons. It makes Captain Peralta think about his own father, the Admiral, and how someday he would like to reconcile with him. Jake uses the gender reveal party as an opportunity for exactly that.  

Before the party, Jake invites the two elder Peraltas over so they can patch up their relationship. There is clearly animosity between them at first, stemming from a bad boating accident Roger was in. He took the Admiral’s boat on a joyride to impress a local girl but crashed it and ended up in the hospital. His father never visited him during the three weeks he was there because the Admiral valued the vessel more than his own son.

Seeing how his father and grandfather are acting like children, Jake consults his parenting books (the best of which is Bruce Willis’ Cry Hard with a Vengeance) to deal with them. The two bickering adults begin to bond and reminisce of all the times people around them got seriously injured. Things start looking up when the Admiral tosses his son a beer but, since the two didn’t have much practice playing catch when they were younger, Roger misses it and knocks over the gender reveal cake.

Jake doesn’t want to spoil the surprise so the three Bird Box it and try to clean up the mess blindfolded. Unfortunately, they end up not only making it worse, but see what the baby’s sex will be (it’s a boy!). Charles comes to coordinate both the cleaning and baking effort. They almost get away with it until Amy cuts the cake and reveals a green slice. The admiral berates Roger since he was on food coloring duty and storms out while Roger cuts another thumb off while slicing more cake (A call back to Two Turkeys). At the hospital, Roger assures Jake that he has already broken the Peralta curse just by seeing how much he is excited for his unborn son and the effort he’s put into parenting already.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: 'Admiral Peralta'

Elsewhere, Holt helps Terry practice for his police marching band audition. The captain is more in the tough love school of teaching and breaks Terry down to nothing but Jeffords still rises up and earns his spot as the new flautist. Even if it is by default since he was the only flute player to show up.

Also, Amy makes the bad decision of assigning Hitchcock and Scully to a high-profile case involving a friend of the mayor. She and Diaz get involved and become frustrated that the file has many non-case related documents like patent submissions for a “pillow shoe” and an application for a time-share in Figi (you read that right). Not only that, but there is no contact info for the key witness. The two usually bumbling detectives did that on purpose since the witness is an undocumented immigrant and fears being caught by ICE if forced to testify. The DA demands that Hitchcock and Scully be punished so Amy scolds them in front of the district attorney. As a result, they’re suspended with pay for one week. They now have the time to visit Figi.

‘Admiral Peralta’ started off slow and it took a while to build up all three plotlines. I can’t say I was initially invested in the subplots of a big jacked guy playing the flute and incompetent cops doing incompetent things. The main storyline with the three Peralta generations took a while to pick up because they introduced a new character, Martin Mull’s the Admiral.

However, in the second half, the story and comedy are running on all cylinders. It was great seeing Andre Braugher’s dramatic chops as he breaks down Terry psychologically. Looked like shades of classic Detective Pembleton from Homicide: Life on the Street. Speaking of good police, Scully and Hitchcock aren’t the humps people think they are. The job isn’t just closing cases but building relationships with the community. By protecting their witness, hopefully others like him won’t be scared to help on the next case.

Finally, we receive two touching moments in the episode. Roger’s heart to heart with Jake in the hospital should help alleviate some of the fears of being a new parent. Not only did the younger Peralta break the curse by wanting to be involved with his son, but he also makes the effort to repair the relationship with his own father. Plus, the scene where Amy learns her baby’s gender is classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s sweet to see her genuine joy from learning she’ll be having a boy, but silly since it’s by the icing all over Scully’s face after he scarfed down the reveal cake.  

My Favorite Lines:

Holt: The music they play is dreck. Last month, they performed Sousa at a fallen officer’s funeral and the people were so appalled, they cried.
Charles: Or they were crying for the deceased.
Holt: No, she was very unpopular. The band made them cry.

Scully: That’s insulting. I’m very concerned with immigration issues.
Hitchcock: And I’ve dated my fair share of spicy…
Diaz: Nooo!

Roger: Hey. Who has two surgically replaced thumbs and is super proud of his son? This guy…Ahh!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: 'Admiral Peralta'
Brooklyn Nine Nine S 7 E 10: 'Admiral Peralta'
Is it good?
Touching moments involving parenthood
Andre Braugher's shades of Detective Pembleton while Holt psychologically breaks down Terry
Episode had a slow start

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