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The original Star Wars: Battlefront just got multiplayer on Steam
Pandemic Studios


The original Star Wars: Battlefront just got multiplayer on Steam

16 years old, but she’s still got it where it counts.

It’s been sixteen years since Star Wars: Battlefront hit the shelves and today it received a new update on Steam that adds online multiplayer. What a minute what? Yeah, you read that correctly.

The original Star Wars: Battlefront, not to be confused with DICE’s 2015 shooter of the same name (minus the colon), was released in 2004 on PC, PS2, and Xbox. The game had multiplayer when it originally released, and you could play it over a local area connection, via GameSpy on PC and PS2, or over Xbox Live on the original Xbox. But when GameSpy went away in 2014, the last vestige of online play for the game was defeated by the inevitable changing of the times.

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So, when Battlefront was re-released to Steam in 2019 the only option players had to enjoy the game was singleplayer. Well, technically speaking that isn’t true. You could still play multiplayer games, but it require a lot of effort on the players part. As this guide on Steam illustrates, multiplayer is possible via a third party service, but the number of steps involved to make it work are likely not worth the effort for the majority of players out there.

Thankfully you won’t have to go jumping through any hoops to play multiplayer games in this sixteen year old game anymore. Today’s update to developer Pandemic Studios beloved classic Star Wars game makes it so much easier. The Star Wars: Battlefront Steam page tells us that online multiplayer support has been added for up to 32 players in a game, as well as French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support, additional audio support options, and a fix for “a number of menu and gameplay issues for a number of different screen sizes.”

If you’re eager to get in on the old-school action you can purchase Star Wars: Battlefront today for a whopping $4.99.

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