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DOOM Eternal DLC
id Software / Bethesda


DOOM Eternal DLC update: ranked competitive mode, screenshots, and more

Lots of exciting news on upcoming updates and new single player campaign teasers.

DOOM Eternal developer id Software and publisher Bethesda released two teaser screenshots alongside an update post for the upcoming DOOM Eternal DLC update on Friday afternoon.

The screenshots posted to the official DOOM Twitter account show two new environments from the DLC that will be featured in single player campaign. One of the screenshots appears to be a broken and dilapidated Urdak, which would imply that the Doom Slayer will be returning to the domain of the Maykr race, which was on the verge of a demon invasion after the slaying of the Khan Maykr.

Doom Eternal DLC

id Software / Bethesda

The other screen shot is far more mysterious and doesn’t appear to be from an environment that players have encountered in either DOOM or DOOM Eternal. A number of cargo ships and shuttles are seen over a raging sea with lightning in the sky, and the central building appears to be a cross between an oil platform and a shipping hub. There’s what look to be railways connecting the hub to other smaller stations, cranes adorn the side, and two large guns are on the very top of the installation.

DOOM Eternal DLC

id Software / Bethesda

An update post on Bethesda’s Slayers Club outlined the features being worked on for the upcoming DOOM Eternal DLC update. Included in the update–that’s being released for all platforms–are a host of optimizations, new event content, bug fixes, and a whole lot more. Here’s a taste of four of the major enhancements coming with the DOOM Eternal DLC update:

Empowered Demons

Spice up your campaign runs with Empowered Demons! When a player is killed in the single player campaign, the demon that felled them is beefed up and transported to another player’s game to fight again! Will you fall to this fearsome challenger or avenge your fellow Slayer? Take out an Empowered Demon and you’ll not only be rewarded with tons of health and ammo, but also bonus XP to progress in-game events!

BATTLEMODE Enhancements

We’re adding a suite of features designed to improve the overall experience in BATTLEMODE. Some of these additions include implementing Denuvo Anticheat features, changes to the tutorial walkthrough, poor network connection indicators, Echelon Leveling for players at the maximum level and a Death Report screen to offer players more combat insight mid-match.

Single Player Quality-of-Life Improvements

It’s not just BATTLEMODE that’s getting some enhancements! We’ve heard your feedback on the single player campaign and Update 1 addresses a few balance concerns and annoyances players have brought to our attention. Some of these changes include expanded demon tutorials, Dashing vertically in water and adjusting toxic damage while swimming.

Add a friend via

BATTLEMODE is best with buddies, so we’re adding new features to build up a friends list via Using Account IDs, you can round up new pals in a flash to join you in the arena!

BATTLEMODE continues to be a major focus for the development team and DOOM Eternal. Bethesda stressed that they’ve constantly observing data and player feedback to ensure gameplay is balanced for the game’s 2v1 mutliplayer mode. Recent adjustments were mode to the console versions of the game and balance changes were delivered to address problems that were discovered through parsing player and data feedback.

A short video update was shared featuring DOOM Eternal game director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton. In it the pair reveal that a new demon is being worked on for BATTLEMODE and they also confirmed that a ranked competitive mode is on its way.

There’s no release date available at this time for the first DOOM Eternal DLC update.

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