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Amazon Games’ free-to-play shooter Crucible is now live on Steam

The first PC game published by Amazon Games is here.

The first PC game published by Amazon Games — Crucible — is now live, free-to-play, and available to download on Stream.

Relentless Studios, the development team working under the umbrella of Amazon Game Studios, has been working on Crucible for many years and today they got to let their baby out into the big exciting world. Like so many other teams out there, Relentless is working entirely from home which means that they’re launching the game entirely remotely.

Crucible is a free-to-play team-based online shooter with three different game modes that puts players in their teammates on an alien world where they’ll need to fight the opposing team, capture objectives, farm essence (the local resource), and take down alien creatures.

Check out the launch trailer below.

There are ten different hunters for players to choose from, some are humans, others robots, aliens, and some we’re just not sure of at all. Each hunter sports a unique weapon, five different skills, various attribute points spread across control, damage, range, mobility, health, and defense, and a background story all their own.

Starting today until July 13, Crucible’s eight-week pre-season is live. During this time players can learn the game and the developers can find out what’s broken or unbalanced and adjust as needed before Season 1 begins on July 14. Players can purchase a pre-season battle pass which provides the option to complete challenges to unlock rewards that include voice lines, emojis, emotes, drop pod skins and decals, and character skins.

The game currently offers three different game modes: Heart of the Hives; a 4v4 battle in which players race to hunt down hearts left behind by monstrous hive creatures, Alpha Hunters; 2v2 battle royale-esque mode, and Harvester Command; two teams of eight competing to see who can harvest the most essence by controlling essence harvesters. You can learn more at

Amazon Games Studios is launching their second ever PC game — New World — an upcoming MMO set in the 1600s in which players colonize a fictional undiscovered land modeled after British America during the early colonial era, on August 25. The game’s launch was delayed by several months to due COVID-19.


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