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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: 'Beautiful Monster'
Photo: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle


Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: ‘Beautiful Monster’

Eve closes in on Villanelle while the assassin makes her move out of The Twelve.


Killing Eve so Far

So much happened last week. After being spurned by Nico, Eve recommits to The Twelve investigation and is able to track Dasha down. Meanwhile, Villanelle is losing her passion for the job and starts thinking exit strategy with Konstantin. He has problems of his own and sets his escape in motion but his daughter, Irina, complicates matters.

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Agent of Chaos

Villanelle meets with Helene following her near mishap in Romania and her minor breakdown. The pair are joined by killer in training, Rhian, as they discuss things in a room filled with ancient weapons. The Twelve member praises her new Keeper because she is an agent of chaos and shows her affection in an awkward hug.

All Helene asks is for no secrets between them but is brushed off by her underling. Villanelle receives her next job but because she is still injured, she must take Dasha with her. Before she leaves, Helene warns her that she can kill her any time and that Villanelle has no idea who she’s dealing with.

Dasha and Villanelle make it to Scotland for their next target. While heading to their room, the elder assassin is excited to finally go back home to Mother Russia. They get into a little spat where Dasha reveals she has a son she can’t wait to see and who will care for her while she ages. Unlike, her former pupil, who only has indifference and will probably die alone.

A Weak and Broken Heart

Konstantin is at a detention center watching a psychologist evaluate his daughter. She’s so disappointed with her father, she can’t even look at him. When he finally meets with the medical expert, he conveys how disturbed Irina is and she must be treated. Konstantin tries to bribe the doctor so they can make their getaway to Cuba but is rebuffed. All the stress is getting to him and he begins to have heart palpitations.

He then meets with Irina and tries to explain the unspoken rules of prison though it seems like she fits right in. He also regrettably tells her he must leave but will come back in a few days for her. She doesn’t believe him and tells him to eat a part of the male anatomy that he might not find that tasty.

Konstantin’s girl problems continue when he arrives back in London. Gerald sneaks into his flat and tries to surprise him with a romantic meal. She needed a night away from her mom because it feels like Carolyn is on the verge of discovering something big. He suddenly takes interest but Gerald realizes that she is being played. Konstantin comes clean and admits he was only using her to spy on her mother.

Close but No Cigar

Carolyn suspected last week that Paul, her colleague, is a mole for The Twelve. She meets with Mo, who has been trailing him, at a local brunch spot. So far, he’s been unable to find any evidence to support her hunch.

Eve comes in afterwards to update her on the investigation and says the best lead is pursuing Villanelle since she’s moving up in the organization. Knowing how the couple derailed the Rome operation (even though it was according to plan), Carolyn is not quite sold on the idea.

Later, Mo finally finds the proof he needs about Paul and calls his superior while walking home. Although it doesn’t bode too well for the gentleman as he’s being tailed by The Twelve’s Rhian from the beginning of the episode.

At home, Carolyn wants to celebrate the good news by ordering take out with her daughter. She then learns of Mo’s death and becomes distraught. She feels the walls are closing in on her and she can’t help but take it personally. Her protégé was just murdered not to mention her own son.

Gerald tries to console her mom and get her to open up but fails. When she goes in for a hug, Carolyn pulls back. After being called an emotional iceberg and told she needs to express herself emotionally, The MI6 agent begins breaking things in a crude way to appease her daughter.

Killing Eve 3.7.2
Photo: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Hitting the Links

Not surprising, Eve ignores Carolyn and tries to track Villanelle down. She goes dumpster diving to find the box her birthday cake came in. Along with the Bitter Pill crew, she traces the purchase from the bakery to a credit card recently used at a hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland. Eve heads out to follow her only lead.

In Scotland, Dasha and Villanelle are stalking their next target at a golf course. The former confesses she’ll miss killing people when she retires so the latter offers the job to her as a going away present. The former KGB agent passes because she wants to see if her former pupil has lost her lust for killing. They lure their mark into the woods under the guise of finding a lost golf ball. When the time comes to deliver the deathblow, Villanelle wallops Dasha in the head with a golf club instead and takes off to be picked up by Konstantin.

As Eve is heading towards the hotel, the would-be victim comes running out of the woods and stops her car. She is able to piece things together and quickly runs in the direction he came in hot pursuit of his attacker. Eve finds a barely conscious Dasha and asks her where Villanelle went. However, Dasha only taunts her and makes reference to her husband’s mustache. This sets Eve off and she begins stepping on her chest to collapse her ribcage but is forced to flee when she hears sirens.

Rekindling the Magic

Konstantin begins having cold feet when he and Villanelle are about to board their train. He thinks it’s inevitable that one of his many enemies will catch up to him and murder him. The stress is getting to him and he suffers a heart attack forcing Villanelle to leave without him. Eve shows up in time to see her obsession waving good bye through the window.

Luckily, Konstantin survives his heart attack and wakes up in the hospital. In a curious twist of fate, his roommate is a recovering Dasha. Elsewhere, Eve makes it back to London and receives a phone call. It’s Villanelle telling her they need to stop meeting like that. It’s unhealthy for both of them.

Killing Eve 3.7.3
Photo: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

The Verdict

“Beautiful Monster” is a great episode the serves as an excellent prelude to the season finale of Killing Eve. It helps build the anticipation for next week’s episode by building up all the different threads. What is to become of Irina? What’s next for Konstantin after his failed escape? How will the investigation end? It could be argued there is too much to cover in the one remaining episode and some things may have to wait for later.

The episode also cleverly ties in all these different aspects introduced from new characters to comedic callbacks. We see Rhian playing a significant role and Irina’s line of “Eat a d*ck” in Icelandic is nicely set up. The dark humor is especially on display with the omelet scene in the restaurant.

Finally, we see the power couple back on the same page. Villanelle seems to perk up when she sees Eve at the train station. Likewise, that subtle look Eve gives when receiving the phone call at the end is priceless. One of them is already referred to as an “Agent of Chaos”, but together, the madness is increased. What kind of havoc will the two wreak? Eve is told that the hero only gets the girl in Hollywood, but this is a TV show.

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: 'Beautiful Monster'
Killing Eve S 3 E 7: 'Beautiful Monster'
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Serves as an excellent prelude to the season finale.
Cleverly ties together different aspects of the episode.
Possibly leaves too many open ended threads to address in the final episode.

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