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Dustin Rhodes


Dustin Rhodes interview: “I’m going to be a huge movie star.”

Dustin Rhodes speaks to AIPT about being the biggest star in the world.

Scare Package is a great horror anthology. One of the best segments of the movie is ‘Horror Hypnosis’. The short is an interesting look at the genesis of horror movies. It also introduces a possible new iconic horror villain. Dustin Rhodes, plays the Devil’s Lake Impaler. Rhodes talks about his love of horror, preparing for the role, and his future in acting.

AIPT: How would you describe Scare Package?

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Dustin Rhodes: Seven different stories and it’s very cool, too. I think anthologies are really in right now, and Scare Package, I think, the last one with me was probably the best one. That’s what I’ve heard, so I’m really excited to see it, man. It was a lot of fun shooting. It was crazy. It’s funny. I love doing these kinds of things like this, and this what my first feature creature. So now I can add it into the group of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, and now you’d have the Devil’s Lake Impaler.

AIPT: What interested you in the part?

Rhodes: I guess being behind a mask. I’m trying to get in the acting. I’ve done a few films now, and I’m really loving it. It’s something that I have a passion for and a hunger for; to succeed in our entertainment industry on the other side of something that I’ve always done. So I’ve been in TV for so, so long, but to put a mask on and to not have any speaking roles was different. It was not as challenging but still the acting with the facial movements and the stunts that we did, they were so much fun, man. I mean, no pressure whatsoever.

Aaron Koontz is a tremendous guy. He even let us work on our own little stunts and things and kind of add some sauciness to some of the things that we did in there, like with Justin when he did a big flip and he landed right in front of me and I caught his fists. It was one of those moments that are really, really cool, and it sticks out for me.

AIPT: How hard was it to convey emotion in there?

Rhodes: Well, I was sewn shut in the mask and just a simple movement seemed to mean a lot. Like, I opened my eyes a little bit wider and that seemed to add some intensity. And then also I get a certain head tilt or whatever, but that’s about all I can do. And I have this mask on and it makes a noise and you can grunt and groan and what have you. But as far as facial emotions, I mean, what you see is what you get kind of.

AIPT: Were you a fan of horror growing up?

Rhodes: That’s my favorite, favorite genre. I love horror films. I’ve watched some really crappy horror films, and I’ve watched some great horror films. I’ll watch anything.

AIPT: What do you think draws people to horror?

Rhodes: I think they like the excitement of being shocked and awed and jumping at a movie, a jump scare. I think that turns people on a lot. They like to see a lot of blood and things. I mean, let’s face it. If there’s a train wreck on TV, you’re going to watch it. You’re going to watch the violence. Violence, everybody wants to see it and they won’t turn away. They say, “Oh, that’s disgusting.” Or this and that, but you can’t turn away when you’re watching something.

And I think that’s what horror fans are into is watching the train wreck that is going on on the screen and jumping with it. Eating your popcorn and enjoying the movies with your significant other, your wives, husbands, or your children or whatever. I grew up watching horror films and I love them all. And it’s just a fun, fun genre to be involved in.

AIPT: How did you prepare for the role?

Rhodes: Really there was no preparation. I just kind of practiced a couple of movements. If he wanted a certain walk or he wanted a certain speed and things, you just kind of listen to the director and see exactly what he wants and try to put forth your best effort. It wasn’t that difficult. I’ve been in TV for so long. So I take direction really well. I’m very coachable. I’m personable, I’m fun to be around and I love the business.

AIPT: You mentioned that you would like to get more into acting. Are there any future projects that you’re currently working on?

Rhodes: Right now I’m working on a TV series called Misanthrope. And we’re looking for distribution right now, or a network to pick it up. I just finished another movie, which is on Amazon Prime right now called Copper Bill. Did a hell of a job in that. It’s more of a suspense drama. So yeah, anything that my agent gets me right now I’ll read for, and hopefully something’s going to stick sooner or later. I’m going to become a huge movie star. There’s no doubt in my mind.

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