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Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire: Soo Lee

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Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire: Soo Lee

A fun and frivolous way to better understand your favorite creators.

Welcome to another edition of our Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire. As its name might suggest, it’s a fun and frivolous way for creators to share their most asinine opinions on all things pop culture. Because being dumb doesn’t mean something still isn’t valuable (usually).

For this edition, we quizzed artist Soo Lee, who is perhaps best known for the Ahoy Comics series Ash & Thorn (alongside writer Mariah McCourt). Lee’s work has also appeared in a slew of other books from beloved publishers, including Image Comics, Black Mask, Chapterhouse, and Action Lab as well as SIERRA magazine and Analog, among many others.

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For even more of Lee, be sure to follow her on Twitter @SooDLee.

What kind of home decor would Aquaman prefer?

I feel like Aquaman would have mid-century décor. For someone who lives under the sea, he probably isn’t so hip into modern tastes. Also, mid-century décor is classy, I think, and he seems like a classy man.

Choose a roommate and why: Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood or Barf from Spaceballs?

This is a difficult choice because I personally am a fan of the character, Daniel Plainview so, so much. He would probably keep to himself and won’t bother me. Or, he might be completely insane if I didn’t put something away the right way.

On the other hand, I love Barf and I bet he would be the most fun roommate. Although, I bet he would be messy and forget to take his shoes off in the house. But I’ll go with Barf because I’d probably have a lot more fun with him.

You’re the sidekick in any beloved film, TV, book, comic. Who are you?

I’m a big fan of Kato, so I’d like to be him. Or at least a female version of Kato.

What’s the one song or film title that could describe your life?

“9 to 5” by Dolly Parton.

You can travel in time but only in one fictional universe. Which one and when are you going?

I think Middle-Earth/LOTR. I’d go next week — I would just need to get all my business in order.

If you had to have an archrival from popular fiction, who would you choose and why?

It would be Daredevil. Because that would mean I’m Kingpin.

You can only read one author/writer for the rest of your life — who do you pick?

J.R.R. Tolkien.

Would you rather live in Bedrock (The Flinstones) or Metropolis? Why?

Now, probably Bedrock. Because it’s way less depressing than Metropolis especially with how the world is now. Also, it would be cool to hang out with some dinos.

You wake up one day in a popular anime. Which do you choose and why?

It would be a coin toss between Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In the Shell. Cowboy Bebop because I’d love to live in a future where I can travel in space and other planets, but only if I get to be a bounty hunter. Ghost In the Shell because I’d love to have cyborg body parts to replace my defunct human parts and I get to see all the cool technology.

You’re a superhero — what’s your catchphrase (and also, why)?

I say this in real life and I know it sounds ridiculous. “You won’t know, until you know.”

It would probably be the stupidest catchphrase of all time but I’m going with it.


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