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raised by wolves 8.3
Photo: Coco Van Opens/HBO Max


‘Raised by Wolves’ Episodes 8-9 review: Mother receives a little surprise

An Atheist family reunion and a possible new addition on the way.

Raised by Wolves So Far

Though they suffer heavy casualties, the Mithraic successfully rescue their children and take over the Atheists’ camp. As they make themselves at home, Marcus ponders what to do with his enemies. He reprograms Father, imprisons Campion, and tries to destroy Mother. However, he has vision of his previous self which he fights and becomes critically injured. Mother uses the distraction to escape. When Marcus returns to the settlement, he confides in his wife, Sue, that he is the chosen one to fulfill the Mithraic prophecy.

[Spoilers Ahead]

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Marcus’ erratic behavior begins to affect those around him. His family makes a break for it and takes the remaining girls and Campion with them. Paul and Sue’s absence expedites his descent into madness and while he and the Mithraic are in pursuit, his judgement even causes his own soldiers to lose faith in their leader.

Mother is also having behavioral issues and believes she is glitching. She experiences a new found need to find nourishment and discovers a growth in her belly. After plugging in one last time, the original Campion informs her that she’s pregnant after their virtual tryst. All the previous children including little Campion were a test run and her child is the true savior to humanity.

Tempest catches up and together they look for a suitable place where Mother can give birth. Along the way they cross paths with Paul and company (Yay) and Tempest’s rapist (Boo). The latter turns out to be a formidable threat. It can’t be a true reunion without Father and he shows up with Hunter, who reprogrammed him back to normal.

raised by wolves 8.2
Photo: Coco Van Opens/HBO Max

Despite so much going on in these episodes of Raised by Wolves, the focus is really on the characters. Many of the children have their moments including Holly’s bravery during the rapist’s attack and Hunter’s change of heart bringing back Father. Tempest is constantly reminded of her horrific incident while being around her assaulter but summons the strength to defend herself.

We also dig deeper into Sue and find a very sympathetic figure. A flashback further highlights how close and meaningful her relationship with Marcus is and we see how hurt and disappointed she is to see him devolve. While sharing stories with Mother, we learn why she grew exceptionally close with Paul even though they aren’t really related. Sue is one of the few truly good human adults we’ve met and she even offers her own blood to Mother in spite of all that’s happened.

Campion experiences the most growth throughout this season. Originally a sheltered child, he has a pretty good grasp on how the world works and who he is after interacting with the Mithraic. He shows his mettle during the escape having to confront the man who raised him and also later saving his friends. The scene of him emerging from the soil is pretty cool as well. But nothing is as heartwarming as when he sees his Father again. The warm embrace and look on his face are priceless.

raised by wolves 8.1
Photo: Coco Van Opens/HBO Max

 Then there’s the parallels between Marcus and Mother. Both are experiencing mental issues that are affecting how they interact with others but their continued approaches differ. Even with her conflicting programming between her baby and the other children, Mother still prioritizes her initial charges. On the other hand, Marcus flaunts his status within the group and finds those beneath him expendable. He’s so arrogant, he even reveals his secret to his followers thinking being the chosen one will protect him. These contrasts in behavior help accentuate the different dynamics of the two groups as a whole.

With regards to the story, there are some interesting developments in Raised by Wolves. The same voices that spoke to Marcus are now whispering to his son Paul. It should be interesting to see how he reacts to them considering the young child doesn’t share the ego that his father developed and is compassionate and tolerant to those with other views.

We may have also received a glimpse of the intelligent life on Keplar-22b via a Mother vision. Though most of them are cloaked, there is one alien figure we see clearly who is imprisoned. Are one of these beings the unknown stranger we met previously? It seems someone is still watching them and manipulating the Atheists to go certain places. Could they also be responsible for the voices or is it really Sol reaching out to his followers? Hopefully, next week provides some answers.

Episodes eight and nine of Raised by Wolves provide some great character development showing their growth, especially in the children. There are also more clues to some the bigger questions and that should lead nicely into the end of the season.

Raised by Wolves releases new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

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