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‘The Flight Attendant’ episodes 6-7 review: Cassie finds a surprising ally

Cassie goes on an epic bender after Max’s accident and finds a friend and foe in unlikely places.

The Flight Attendant So Far

Cassie is deep into her investigation trying to clear her name. She teams up with Annie’s boyfriend, Max, and together they uncover a bigger conspiracy involving arms trafficking and large amounts of missing money. The pair are even able to download some vital evidence exonerating Cassie but are getting too close to the truth. As they flee a warehouse, Max pushes his partner out of the way of a speeding car but is struck in the process leaving his fate unknown.

[Spoilers Ahead!]

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Max manages to survive his accident but is hospitalized in critical condition. His accident is the last straw for Annie leading to an argument between the now former best friends. Desperate for companionship, Cassie ends up hanging out with Buckley for an all-out bender of bad decisions that ends with the couple arrested. As she sobers up in jail, she has flashbacks to her childhood causing her to use her only phone call on her brother to sincerely apologize for a lifetime of transgressions.

The next morning, Cassie is bailed out by none other than Miranda. They understand that they’re both being sought by the same people. Miranda had just fought off an assassination attempt by her boss for disobeying his orders. The unlikely duo decides to work together to stay alive but must first collect Alex’s ledger to find the missing money. As they arrive at Annie’s apartment to pick it up, they are interrupted by a surprising contract killer.

the flight attendant 3.2
Photo: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

Episodes six and seven of The Flight Attendant do a good job of representing Cassie’s mental state visually. During her visits into her head with Alex, the varying camera angles and the fusing of the Thai hotel room and her childhood trauma show her anxiety and her world collapsing in on itself due to the stress of her situation. The more deviant behavior she exhibits, the more chaos erupts in her mind. It becomes so overwhelming that her visions are no longer contained internally and become hallucinations in the real world.

It takes Cassie to hit rock bottom hung over in a jail cell while a killer is stalking her to truly reflect on her life and all the damage she’s done to the people close to her. She experiences real growth by reconciling with her brother and Annie and to finally take responsibility for her actions. Also, she doesn’t want to endanger them anymore and decides to resolve things on her own (or at least with Miranda).

The team up with Cassie and Miranda is predictable ever since their pictures appeared together in the Lionfish files. At least Miranda brings with her the other side of the story to help develop the main plot as a whole. We learn Alex’s motivation and about the hired assassin after them. She also served as a nice misdirect to the real killer of Alex and the FBI agent.

the flight attendant 3.3
Photo: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

Speaking of the hired assassin, last week’s review discussed the payoff on the Buckley character. He seemed to serve as an escape for Cassie from all the craziness and provide some semblance of normalcy. His true intentions come as a complete surprise when Miranda mentions the “dead cats” and it was only a matter of time until the formal reveal.

Because of the execution of the Buckley unveiling, I hope Megan’s corporate espionage storyline ties in as nicely. It is already tangentially connected through the military arms side so it should be interesting to see how it fits in the bigger picture. Megan did provide comedic moments when she goes full spy and erases the voicemail with her Korean contact from Cassie’s phone.

The third week of episodes for The Flight Attendant shines some light on Cassie’s emotional state and shows how she’s grown from her experience. It effectively sets the stage for the finale as the main mystery comes into focus with an unlikely pairing and a surprising reveal about one of the lead’s associates.

Episodes of The Flight Attendant drop Thursdays, on HBO Max.

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