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‘The Watch’ episode 4 review: ‘Twilight Canyons’

The race for Gawain is on.

Previously on The Watch, the race is on between Carcer and our heroes to obtain the artifacts needed to control the noble dragon. The search leads them to the headquarters of the Assassin’s Guild to obtain the mysterious Gawain. Though both sides end up empty handed, they all learn that Gawain is a sword and unfortunately for the good guys, Carcer has a head start tracking the weapon down.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead!]

Carcer and Wonse visit Jocasta Wiggs, the woman who stole Gawain from the Assassin’s Guild, at Twilight Canyons. It is the Ankh-Morpork version of a nursing home where the elderly reside until Death can bring them to the next life. The years have taken a toll on Jocasta and her memory and mental state have deteriorated but they do discover a clue to the whereabouts of the sword. However, when they find it, it appears to be incomplete.

The Watch are only a few steps behind Carcer in their hunt for Gawain. They are sidetracked by a trap laid by Wonse where they’re ambushed by goblins in drag but are tipped off from a former member afterwards about Twilight Canyons. While there, they obtain the missing piece before Carcer returns. The two opposing groups prepare for a showdown with a fully whole Gawain as the prize.

“Twilight Canyons” displays The Watch’s silly and absurd humor at its finest. Whether it’s adversaries such as drag goblins or The Simpsons-esque background gags and signs, they all contribute to the enjoyment. While last week we received a musical performance, here, we are treated to an unexpected dance number where cast members, Richard Dormer (Vimes), Sam Adewunmi (Carcer), Lara Rossi (Ramkin), and Bianca Simone Mannie (Wonse) show their mad skills. If that weren’t enough, Matt Berry voices Gawain. This has been one of the more entertaining episodes so far.

the watch 1.4.2
Photo: Ilze Kitshoff/BBCA

Yet there is more to the episode than mere ridiculousness. We are given some answers to where Carcer was the whole time between falling from Unseen University to reappearing to the present time and who his shadowy partners are. Their motivations only bring up more questions and intrigue that we’ll hopefully explore more later in the season. In addition, as successful the Watch has been doing actual policework, they still oversee a very corrupt system all the way to the top and Lord Vetinari is beginning to be a concern.

Love is one of the main themes running throughout “Twilight Canyons”. On a smaller level there’s a reconciliation between Carcer’s goblin cronies. Furthermore, it is a moving romance that causes Jocasta to steal Gawain in the first place but her declining mental health caused it to end tragically. After Vime’s visions we explore more of his relationship with Ramkin but at least the future couple have shared significant screen time together. On the other hand, the series is pushing an Angua and Carrot pairing but their involvement has barely been developed so the viewers aren’t as invested with them being together at this point.

This episode of The Watch begins to answer some of the bigger questions from the season so far while incorporating hilarious absurdist comedy the series is known for.

The Watch airs Sunday nights on BBC America.

the watch 1.4.1
The Watch E 4: 'Twilight Canyons'
This episode of The Watch begins to answer some of the bigger questions from the season so far while incorporating hilarious absurdist comedy the series is known for.
Reader Rating0 Votes
The series' silly and absurd humor at its finest.
Finally answering some questions regarding Carcer's past raising more intrigue.
The Angua/Carrot romance hasn't been developed enough to feel invested in.

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