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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need


Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

These remakes can reach new heights with key features.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are an inevitability. The generation 4 games that launched back in 2006 are the next games in line for a remake after Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. With the Feb 25 Pokemon Direct as the perfect time to announce the games. Players can finally relive the nightmare that is Cynthia’s Garchomp in the third dimension. What will this return to Sinnoh adventure incorporate from Sword and Shield? Will they leave out the battle frontier even though it was the wrong decision to leave it out in ORAS? Here’s what the Sinnoh remakes absolutely need to have.


Battle Frontier

Diamond and Pearl were a mixed bag when originally released. They had awesome evolutions for older Pokemon as well as a cavalcade of legendaries. Unfortunately, the games were slower than molasses and excluded most of the new evolved forms to the post-game. Platinum fixed the bulk of Diamond and Pearl’s issues and added in a new Battle Frontier. Ever since Pokemon Emerald, the Battle Frontier remains a defining competitive battle facility that rewards the best of the best.

Considering people are still mad at Game Freak for not having the Battle Frontier in ORAS. Now is the perfect time to right the wrong. Competitive Pokemon is still incredibly popular. Yet the main story refuses to evolve past type based gym leaders and generic evil teams. The Battle Frontier is a way to teach new fans competitive battling and rewarding people for spending more time on the game.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

New Gigantamax forms

Sword and Shield’s strongest aspect is the Galarian Forms and the Gigantamax Pokemon. I'[m not the biggest fan of Dynamax. However, I think the Gigantamax forms look awesome and we need more of them. Considering ORAS introduced new mega evolutions. It makes all the sense in the world for these remakes to continue the trend and give us more Gigantamax forms.

I honestly feel Gigantamax forms were scarce and lacking. Too few Pokemon had them and they were mostly excluded to the post-game. The Sinnoh remakes have the chance to go further with them and make them a part of their gym challenge as well.

Sinnoh starters: Lucario, Luxray, Staraptor, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Garchomp would be locks if Game Freak goes this route. Game Freak loves to give older Pokemon new appearances now and it sells. Like it or not, Dynamaxing will be in these games. So furthering the mechanic instead of ignoring it is the way to go.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

Platinum post-game involving Distortion World

Pokemon Sword and Shield had an incredibly disappointing post-game that was rectified with DLC. However, while they could do DLC for Diamond and Pearl remakes. It would be better for everyone to add in a decent post-game story and challenges. Especially if ties from Pokemon Platinum involving Buck and Clay. The number one thing that has to be in this remake is the Distortion World.

We need the Distortion World on the Switch. Nintendo and Game Freak could expand on it further by making it Sinnoh’s wild area. How crazy and cool would that be? An entire open world to explore that’s basically Pokemon Hell? That sounds like a lot of fun if handled correctly.

The Distortion World was creepy and unique and it was awesome. It gave a sense of peril to the Sinnoh region that was lacking in the main story. It’s a no brainer. Which is why it would be frustrating for Game Freak to leave this out. Sinnoh is known for darker stories with Darkrai and Cresselia. So why not flesh it out with Pokemon’s own Shadow Realm?

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

Harder difficulty

It honestly boggles my mind how Game Freak refuses to implement basic mechanics present in every other video game in the world. No alternative save files, or voice acting, or even difficulty options. Black 2 and White 2 did have challenge mode and easy mode. However, they were version exclusive and needed to be unlocked and traded and it was mess. It’s not that hard and would do well to cater to older fans who want a challenge without making up their own rules.

Nuzlockes are great, don’t get me wrong. However, when I play a game I want immersion and challenges. I want to be challenged and to think about my next move from the game rather than going out of my way for a $60 game without any difficulty whatsoever. The last time I was invested in a Pokemon game was Generation Five. It’s time to have players reunite with their trauma of Cynthia’s Garchomp.

Ever since Pokemon went 3D the games have been barebones easy. Hell, there are notable battles in Sword and Shield as well as ORAS, XY, Sun/Moon and Let’s Go in which the boss trainers only have Pokemon with two to three moves. It’s infuriating how out of touch the Pokemon Company are with their core audience. Implementing actual difficulty settings is long overdue and should’ve been in the series years ago.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

A true 3D world

I hate that in ORAS and Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, the games follow a grid lock pattern. Yes, these are remakes of older games and the world was originally grid-like. The problem is, the immersion is ruined when you expect a true 3D console experience only for it to fall flat without a proper 3D environment. The environment in 3D Pokemon games falls flat because the games don’t really feel expansive. If anything, I argue the 3D regions have become more restrictive and it isn’t fun.

I’m not asking for open ended gyms (though that would be fun!). Give us a proper 3D Sinnoh region without the grid. Allow players to go off the main path and explore. If that means an extra year of development then so be it. I’ll be more than happy to wait for a full experience rather than an unfinished launch title rushed in development.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: What the remakes need

Sinnoh Underground

The Sinnoh Underground was so much fun. Anyone who played Gen 4 loved mining fossils, going through traps, exploring with friends on crappy Nintendo wifi. It helped Sinnoh to stand out immensely. It was a key aspect to the games. Leaving them out would make them feel hollow.

I could see Game Freak reworking the Underground as a Crown Tundra/Isle of Armor underground Wild Area. And while I wouldn’t hate that idea. At the very least it needs to keep to fossil mining. Give us dungeons to explore as well as rare Pokemon to catch like Spiritomb in the Underground. Also, can we please have a decent wifi system so multiple people can play online without it slowing down the game? Is that too much to ask for the highest grossing media franchise of all time?

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